Written by Sammy

14 Aug 2014

I am a single bi male.I am over 60,and a little overweight. Since my twenties have loved to suck cock. I prefer older men and that means from 60 to 99.

Yesterday was a sunny day but quite windy. So after getting my jobs done in the morning I headed for my local nudist beach which is about 30 mins away. When I arrived there were only a few cars at the beach. The high wind had put a lot of people off. I could make out some activity on the gay part of the beach so I headed there. I followed one of the paths over to the high dunes that are covered with large clumps of tall coarse grass. This grass provides an excellent wind break and also gives a lot of privacy. I found a sheltered spot just off one of the many paths that crisscross the dunes. I stripped off and smothered myself on sun protection. It wasn't long before I was being checked out, firstly by a young guy and then by a slim older man in his seventies. He came over for a chat. He was obviously a regular here as his body was deep brown all over. I noticed his large erect cock was shaved and he was wearing a cock ring. After about 5 mins he went on his way and I settled down to read my book. About 30 mins later Mr cock ring was back and said hello as he settled down in a sheltered spot a few yards away from me. I asked him if he could put some sunscreen on my back and he invited me to where he was sitting. I sat on his towel while he knelt behind me and massaged the cream in. I could feel his cock touching my back as he did this. I felt behind me and gave his cock a gentle rub. He quickly spun me round and we went into a long kiss while we fondled each others cocks. Before long he pushed my head down to his genitals and I took him into my mouth. He smelled of sunscreen and male sweat. I could taste his precum as I sucked him, and he was moaning with pleasure as I ran my tongue around the bulbous head of his penis.He was close to coming and he pulled me off and lay back on his towel.He got me to straddle his hips and pulled me down for another kiss. I could feel his hot cock beneath my balls until he changed position so that he could rub his cock between the cheeks of my bum. A couple of times it gently probed my anus which felt delightful, but he soon had me on my knees with my face in his groin while I sucked him to a very copious spunk up. It tasted

lovely and I licked his cock clean afterwards. He was soon on his way and I went back to my place to continue reading.

After a while another old sun worshiper of about 80 came along. He was short and tubby with a stubby cock. He also stopped to chat and then continued on his walk. After a few minutes I got up and followed in his direction. I had only gone a short distance when I caught up with him. He was on his knees sucking off a young guys sturdy prick. I watched for a short time before returning to my spot for a slow wank.

After about 20 mins the old man was back. I asked him if he enjoyed his suck and he smiled as he saw me looking at his cock. He stepped forward to where I was kneeling on my towel and offered me his soft dick. I rolled his foreskin back to reveal the juicy head of his cock. I quickly took him into my mouth and his cock started to swell to a decent 6 inches. I thought I was going to get a second load but we had to stop as some walkers came along the trail close by. He decided to move on so I went back to my book

I decided to go back to the car only to meet up with the old guy again as I stopped in a small wood to have a pee. He wanted me to suck him off. I was tempted and we did have a mutual fondle, but it was getting late and I had to go. I told him that I might see him again sometime and said my goodbyes.