Written by Mark Lee

30 Sep 2010

I'm a 66 yr old man whos recently discovered the joy of gay sex.I keep myself fit but began to have an erectile problem a few years ago,My wife who was younger than me did a runner with another man,I was devastated.We'd also moved to a new area so I did'nt know anybody.I would take my dog walking in the local park most mornings.

A young lad in his early 20s would occasionally stop to say hello when I'd be having a bit of a sit down on a bench,like me he was a regular visiter,I suppose I'd noticed he was a bit effeminite but he was nice.He was telling me one morning that he was looking for a bedsit as he did'nt get on with his mums latest boyfriend.I have a couple of spare rooms in my house and offered to let him stay until he sorted himself out.

He moved in,he had a part time job at a local cinema.When I was doing the washing I would do his as well,I must admit I smiled to myself when I saw the underpants he wore,I'm thinking they would'nt cover much,but I suppose thats young people these days and ifs thats what he liked.

I was putting his clothes on his bed and noticed the corner of a magazine sticking out from under his pillow,not wanting to disturb his bed I pulled it out gingerly,it probably served me right for being nosey,it was something I'd never seen before,it was a gay magazine.It was folded back open and on the page was a picture of two men one old and one young,they were both naked,the older man was holding his erect cock in his hand while having the youngers mans cock in his mouth.

At first I was almost shocked,I noticed a caption underneath the picture it said"In Praise Of Older Men".Again I should'nt have been so nosey but I turned over the pages,every page had a picture of men engaging in sexual activity with another man.

Now as I said I'd been having a bit of a problem with getting an erection but as I looked through the magazine I started to feel myself become erect,I would never have thought that seeing men having sex with each other would have done that,and I was shaking all over.As I replaced the magazine I noticed toilet paper under the pillow,I suppose I knew instantly what it was,it was still damp I knew it was semen,he'd obviously used the pictures to masturbate.

I went in my own bedroom and took my clothes off,I still had an erection,"In praise of older men" kept going through my head.I stood in front of the mirror and started to masturbate,previously when I'd masturbated my erection would go before I could bring myself off,I could bring myself off but it would already have gone soft,this time I came off quicker and I was stiil hard,I actually stayed hard for a while after coming off.

Again I should'nt have done but I started going in his bedroom when he was at work,he masturbated most nights,he had other magazines in the drawers and also some girls underwear,I wondered if he wore them.One day I stayed in his room and rubbed a pair of girls knickers on my erection as I masturbated.

He'd obviuosly sussed that I'd been doing more than just putting his clothes on his bed,I probably should have noticed that he was leaving things for me to see,things like a handkerchief on the floor by the bed which had obviously been used to masturbate in.The final thing was a little cardboard box sticking out from under the bed,of course I looked in it,there were pictures of him wearing the girls underwear with different men all of whom were naked,in every picture he was either sucking them or masturbating them or he was being sucked or masturbated.

I wondered if he did actually work at the cinema.I was having a shower,there isn't a lock on the bathroom door,but we always knew when the other person was in there,it was early in the morning,he always stayed on in bed.Suddenly the door opened and he walked in,his eyes half closed,he was naked,I immediately noticed he had a full erection,sorry he said I did'nt realise you were in here,I should try waking up before coming to the bathroom,he was looking me up and down.

I expected him to turn around and leave,I instinctively put my hands over my own privates,there was suddenly a big smile on his face,you older men can be so shy he said,you don't have anything to be ashamed of there as a matter of fact thats as nice as I've seen,I think you like the magazines,have they turned you on,he did know.

This is the real thing he said moving his hands up and down his body,over his breasts and down onto his privates,theres nothing to be ashamed about our bodies or what we do with them.Turn the shower off he said,I don't want you to shrink,I've wondered what you look like in the skin,I'm impressed,I could think of nothing to say,it was if I was paralysed.

He reached to the shower and turned it off,then looking me straight in the face his hand went down and moved my hands off my privates,relax he said let yourself enjoy the real thing,I could'nt remember the last time my wife had bothered to have foreplay,the first thing to strike me was the softness of his hands,funny the things you notice.

The second thing was that I was getting an erection,with one hand softly fondling my quickly hardening cock his other was feeling my nipples.Come to bed he said,don't bother to dry yourself,his own cock did'nt need any attention it just stayed standing,I could remember when mine would do that,I stepped out of the shower.

Even when masturbating recently my cock had'nt got this hard,come on he said gently tugging on my cock.I was completely under his control,he knew exactly what to do,it was as if it was the most natural thing in the world.My erection was'nt just maintaining it seemed to be getting even harder,as he pushed me back on the bed I was wanting his hands back on it.

He had me on my back,he opened my legs wide apart and climbed between them and lowered himself onto me.The heat from his genitals as they came onto mine was indescribable,was this how a woman felt when she was having sex.He moved sideways and then back,I almost did'nt know which were his and which were mine.

He kissed me on the lips,I was surprised how much I liked it,he put his tongue in my mouth,I could feel my whole body responding,there was a throbbing between my legs like I'd never felt before.I did'nt know about him but I was getting to a point where I knew I was going to come off,something which usually took a bit of time but now I was actually trying to hold on.

He was going down my body,the photos in the box were in my mind,I knew he was going to suck me,I wanted him to do it quickly,I could'nt hold on.He took my cock in his hand and then his mouth was encasing it,I had only seconds to enjoy the heat of it before the only thing I could feel was my own semen as it filled it.

I'm still trying to remember the next couple of minutes,I know he swallowed as much as he could,I can't really remember how long it lasted,but not long enough,I know my cock stayed hard long enough afterwards for him to get onto his knees and masturbate onto me,but that was only the beginning.In the girls underwear he was everything a man could ask for,he had everything,the best of both worlds.