Written by Joe

11 Sep 2007

I went into a toilet in Minehead on my holidays and sat down in a cubicle. I noticed a foot under the wall from the next cubicle. It was tapping so I put my foot on top of it and it was withdrawn. I was getting quite excited at the thought of what might happen next. A hand appeared under the petition and made writing motions; I ripped a piece of toilet paper off and passed it under the petition with a pen. They came back a few moments later and I read the words Age and Likes. I wrote my age and ‘being sucked off’ and passed it back. A couple of minutes later it was returned to me with a message that read – “Go into the cubicle opposite mine and show me your dick, I’ll look through the hole in my door and then let you in” All I had on was a pair of shorts and a tea shirt so I opened my door and went across to the other cubicle, leaving its door open I lifted my tea shirt and then dropped my shorts releasing my already erect dick which stood out proud.

The door opposite opened wide to reveal a man in his mid thirties who beckoned to me. I pulled my shorts up and went over to him. He was sitting on the bog and I closed the door behind me. He pulled my shorts down and took my dick in his hands; he began to lick it up and down and then popped it in his mouth. It felt great and I was getting very horny indeed. Then I felt his hands wove round to my arse and he began to play with my arse checks I felt him put one and then two fingers into me, it felt really good and when he whispered shall I put my dick in there what could I say but yes please.

He stood up and told me to bend over the toilet, then he slipped my tea shirt over and head and pulled m y shorts off so I was naked. I felt his dick head at my arse hole and then he was pushing it up my arse, it hurt a little at first but once he got it all the way in it was wonderful. He began to give me a good fucking and at the same time was wanking my dick. I came very quickly all over his hand and he put it to his mouth and licked some off. Very nice cum he said then held it to my lips for me to lick, lick my own cum how thrilling that was. I was by now in a state of high sexual arousal, being well fucked up the arse. I was up for anything with this guy anything at all.

His dick twitched and he pulled out, sit down he said and open wide, before I could think his dick was in my mouth and he was pumping cum down my throat, it seemed to go on for ever, fantastic it was and swallowed the lot.

Then he pulled me to my feet and kissed me, he put his tongue in my mouth and we shared a very passionate embrace. You’re a good fuck he said would you like to meet my friend, I think he would enjoy fucking you. So we exchanged phone numbers and I am looking forward to hearing from him soon.