Written by Joshofbedford

19 Dec 2011

I have had bi tendancies for a long time and in the past have enjoyed being a top and sucking off a cock every now and then and have also partnered a bi lady to a few parties.

I am an all male guy, not camp and not out in any way and haven't considered being a bottom until relatively recently. It all came about from this site when I started chatting one boring day to another guy on here who lives close to my offices.

We chatted for a while and he invited me over to his place so I made an excuse at work and headed over to meet with him. Imagine my surpirse when I arrived at his house to be greeted by Dennis at the door and then to walk into the kitchen to be introduced to another guy sat there. A thtat time I wasn't sure if he was a visitor, a lodger or even the next door neighbour. Dennis showed me into the lounge and I established that he was his long time lodger and knew Dennis was gay so I relaxed a little. It didn't take long before we were heading upstairs and into the bedroom. We undressed, kissed, we were both very tactile and after kssing his chest my hand slid over his cock. It was large, wide and cut. I knew I wanted to take it in my mouth and as we lay on the bed I took it deep into my mouth, licking its length and watching it harden further.

Dennis then took my cock in his mouth and he expertly started to suck me off, playing with my sensitive nipples and I was in heaven, eyes closed. Suddenly my legs were lifted and his tongue slid over my balls, between my legs and he was rimming me, his tongue probing deep into my virgin hole. It was completely new to me and I was very unsure whether this was what I wanted but at the same time it was great and I just did not have the will power to get him to stop. A finger probed my hole and slid in easily, then a second - I was past the point of no return and I knew this was a change in my life. I was becoming a bottom and I wanted his cock. his fingers probed deeper and as he was stretching my hole wider another finger went in.

he put my legs down and turned me over nad slid a pillow under my hips. I knew it was coming. I had read stories and tried to relax anticipating the pain as I felt his cock at my entrance. He pushed gently and yes a little pain but I wanted him badly now and I pushed back to take him. He slowly started to pump me, my hole now stretched fully and I was enjoying every minute. I felt his cock grow again and then he pushed hard one last time as he emptied his load into me. Just a great feeling and I was to enjoy the feeling of his cream oozing out of my hole all afternoon as I returned to the office.

We lay back down on the bed and he went to work on my cock again with his mouth and hands before I exploded across my chest.

I had to get back to the office so dressed and opened the bedroom door to come face to face with his lodger - I had completely forgotten about him in the enjoyment. He had a smile on his face and I am sure that I blushed as I remembered I had shouted out several times as Dennis was fucking me. Nothing was said and I quickly left.

I spoke with Dennis later and asked him about his lodger. Had he heard? Was he also gay? Was he his lover? Apparently he was gay but they were not lovers.

I spent a few days re-living the experience and concluded that I wanted it again and soon so I arranged to go over to see Dennis again - a story for another day perhaps if you enjoyed this.