Written by al in the mouth

21 Feb 2008

I recently had to spend some time on business in Carlisle which meant a couple of nights in a hotel. I had a good bit of free time on the first morning and feeling very horny I decided, with some trepidation,to check out the underground gents toilets near the station which I\\\'d discovered on a previous visit seemed to be used as a cottage. I say \\\'with trepidation\\\' because it\\\'s really a pretty grotty dive and usually occupied by what can only be described as \\\'dirty old men\\\'. Good luck to them but I\\\'m afraid they don\\\'t do anything for me.

However this morning it was very different. As I\\\'d approached the place I\\\'d seen a good looking nicely dressed young guy going down the steps. I followed him about a minute later and was pleased to see that he was the only guy in there and was standing at the urinal with no evidence of having a pee. As I entered he\\\'d turned to look at me and when I smiled at him he smiled back. I went and stood at the urinal a little away from him and a quick sideways glance showed that he was not very successfully trying to hide a rampant cock. I\\\'d been semi-hard for ages and that glimpse gave me an instant erection. I managed to extract my cock and made no attempt to hide it. I turned my head and the other guy was staring wide-eyed and whispered \\\'Christ, that\\\'s beautiful\\\'. He\\\'d taken his hand away so I could see his cock too which looked very appealling! Just then we heard two guys talking as they came down the steps so I quickly indicated the young guy to follow me outside. We both zipped up and left a few seconds apart.

I gave him a wink outside and started to stroll down the street and he followed and caught up with me. I told him I was staying at a hotel about 200 yards away and asked whether he\\\'d like to come to my room and he agreed. He told me his name was Ian.

When we got in the room I could sense that he was bit nervous and he admitted he\\\'d never been in this sort of situation before. He\\\'d only done mutual wanking in toilets or in a car. I said there was no pressure and made some coffee and we just sat and chatted to break the ice. I told Ian that I was a good long stayer and that ideally I\\\'d like us to get naked and spend ages just playing around on the bed with lots of gentle, sensual touching and taking turns between slow wanking and oral. He said He\\\'d never experienced that but had often fantasised about having his cock sucked, although he was hesitant about sucking one himself. I said that there was no pressure and we could just take things easy and stop instantly if he felt uncomfortable. I wanted us both to enjoy ourselves. I said that if he was worried about hygiene and risk with oral, we could clean each other up in the shower and that I was very happy to use condoms, although I really liked to finish off by hand and see the spunk cum. He said that sounded great. Also he had no problem with our age difference and welcomed the opportunity of having an experienced guy to show him the ropes. I\\\'m 46 and guessed him to be about 25/6. He was actually only just 23 - fantastic!

Ian agreed that we should strip off down to our briefs and not show everything straight off. He was 5\\\'6\\\" tall with a fantastic firm, slim, smooth body and his briefs were displaying a very obvious bulge. I\\\'m only 5\\\'4\\\", also firm and smooth but not quite so slim as he is. My cock was also straining for release. I got Ian to stand facing a mirror and stood behind him. We both watched as I gently ran by hands down from his shoulders, over his nipples (giving them both a gentle tweak on the way). I moved down and without touching his crotch, began to stroke the front of his thighs, then between them before gently stroking the palms of my hands over his throbbing bulge. It felt fantastic and Ian was moaning in ecstasy. At last I had my first feel of his cock through the stretched, damp with precum, fabric of his briefs before eventually stretching the waist band to release his cock. It was beautiful: rock hard, about 6.5\\\" and with evidence of a lovely knob still covered with his foreskin. I just gently let my finger tips explore it all over.

I got him to swap positions and we both watched in the mirror while he then stroked and felt me in the same way that I\\\'d done it to him. He was very sensual and it was a great relief when he at last touched my cock and freed it from the constraints of my boxers. I\\\'ve got 7.25\\\", quite thick and with a fairly pronounced upward bend. Ian said that it was the most beautiful cock he\\\'d ever seen and that he\\\'d never had a circumcised cock before. That surprised me because I\\\'m also uncut but when I\\\'m hard the foreskin stays right back along my shaft and, I guess, it does look a bit like a cou cock. Anyway, Ian was delighted and also by the fact that I\\\'m fully shaved. Although his bod is so smooth he has quite bushy pubic hair.

Ian admitted that he really wanted to have his cock sucked and to try and suck mine and asked if we could shower together. We did and it was very stimulating to sensually rub shower gel all over each other and to particularly concentrate on each others cock and balls. I though Ian was going to explode when I gently pealed his foreskin back and washed his beautiful, deep purple knob. I covered it up for him again but was determined to get that naked between my lips and under my tongue.

We dried ourselves off and went back into the bedroom where I placed some condoms, lube (Astroglide) and tissues beside the bed. Then, at last we lay naked side by side. Ian asked me to take the lead and at first I got us to just lay facing each other and gently stroke and play with each other\\\'s cock. We were both incredibly hard. Ian loved fingering my large exposed bell end and went crazy with delight at the way I lightly kept peeling his foreskin over his very sensitive knob.

I really wanted to initiate Ian to the joys of oral sex and got us to lie facing each other in the 69 position. His firm young cock looked fantastic pointing straight at my face, with precum ousing from the tip. But I resisted it for a time and started gently fondling his tight sac before kissing and licking it. He loved it and even more when I held his cock back against his stomach and began flicking the tip of my tongue up and down the underside and licking its length. Then I started to probe the juicy tip of his cock with my tongue and tasting his gorgeous pre-cum before at last closing my lips around it and gently taking his cock head in my mouth and letting my tongue roll all over it. Ian was beside himself with pleasure and even more so when I tightly gripped the tip of his cock in my lips and used them to peel his foreskin right back along his shaft. I held his foreskin right back along his shaft and just started to slowly mouth fuck his fantastic smooth, sweet-tasting knob until I could sense that Ian could hold it no longer. I really wanted to see him cum so took my mouth away and whilst still holding his foreskin right back, just gave a few light finger strokes on the top of his shaft. That did it and Ian exploded, moaning with delight as he shot load after load of beautiful creamy spunk, the first shots shooting a couple of feet through the air. When he\\\'d finally finished and I\\\'d squeezed the last drops out of him he lay back exhausted and said that was the most fantastic experience he\\\'d ever had. He didn\\\'t know anything could be so good.

I was delighted to have given him such pleasure but was even more turned on myself than ever. Luckily Ian was up for more and very happy to lay beside me and play with my cock. He asked to get back in the 69 so that my cock was in his face to play with. So I was facing his cock again and thankfully it wasn\\\'t long before my gentle hand work and then my lips had it hard again, this time with the foreskin back so I could explore and lick that lovely young purple lollipop. Suddenly, without warning, I felt Ian\\\'s tongue probing my hole and then licking my knob before feeling his warm lips close around it. I started to give him oral again, doing all the things I like having done to my cock, including taking it as deep as possible and wanking the shaft in time with mouth fucking the knob. Luckiy Ian took the lead from me and followed all my actions as he now worked my cock too. We were both in heaven. We managed to keep it up for ages, sometimes resting to avoid cumming too soon. Eventually I could sense that Ian was near the point of no return so we came off each other. I lay on my back and got him to sit astride me, facing towards me. I clasped our cocks together and slowly wanked them, controlling my excitement until I could feel Ian\\\'s cock pulsating again and letting us achieve a simultaneous ejaculation. Ian shot another amazing load considering it was his second and I, who hadn\\\'t cum for four days, shot loads.

We both collapsed together on the bed and rested for while. Sadly I had to prepare for an afternoon meeting, so after we\\\'d both freshened up together in the shower, we had to part. But not before Ian enthusiastically agreed to another meet next day. That\\\'s another story if youv\\\'e like this!