Written by potshot1232000

5 Oct 2011


At home it was hard time for me to to have any time on my own as i had two brothers and two sisters, so i use to go to the local park and find a quiet spot to have a wank, my elder brother aways had some porn mag's hiden in his room and i would take one to wank over.

Well one evening after having had a few pints down the local pub and having tryed to chat up the barmaid (who had turned me down on that occation) on leaving the pub and felling very horny i desided to go for a walk in the park, it was not that late very warm and there was a full moon so i could see my way about i made my way over to the wooded area that i had been to a few times, it was up a path with some benches for people to sit on, as i was nearing the place that i had been into to have a wank i could see a guy sitting at one of the benches, i was a bit put off by him being there so i walked on a bit more and after a while i turned around to see if he was still there, lucky for me he was gone so i made my way back i walked into the woods and sat behind some bush's

Having got off the path i stripped off layed down and i started to play with my cock it did not take long to get it fully erect, i was laying there with my eyes closed thinking about fucking Jackeline the barmaid from the pub.

I was lost in my own fantasy and did not here the guy who was from the bench untill he said 'nice cock' well i nearly jumped out of my skin there he was standing over me with his cock out and wanking, he then said 'sorry mate if you want me to go i will i'll leave to have a wank it's just you looked so horny naked and wanking', i sat up and said 'no thats ok if you want to stay you can i love to see guys wanking' with that he started to get undressed to and stood naked about 2feet from me with his cock pointing stright at me face and wanking.

The next thing i new he came closer to me and put his cock to my lips and said 'you want to suck me' i could not help myself i opened my mouth and his cock slid right in, he grubbed the back of my head and started to slowly move his cock in and out of my mouth, i had to put my hands on his bum cheeks to steady myslf, his cock was about 5" long and it was hiting the back of my mouth and it was not long befor he was ready to shoot his load, he pulled his cock out of my mouth till only his bellend was in and as he wanked he shoot his hot spunk , as i have never tasted spunk befor i was in heaven it tasted so hot and sweet.

You might ask how could i let a stranger do that to me, well i had wanked and sucked a cock befor but never tasted spunk but i have always wanted to do it.

The guy got dressed and said 'thanks' and walked away (i never did get his name) as he walked away i could here him talking to someone else and he said something like 'yes go in he's up for it ?

I was still sitting there naked with a very hard cock when an other guy walked in, he was already naked his cock was stiff to, it was a bit smaller then the first guys cock but a lot fatter, he had been watching us and was very excited, with out saying a ward he pushed me back on to thr grass he layed down on top of me with his cock was in my face and i opened my mouth for the second cock that evening, he started to suck my cock like i've never been sucked befor, i shoot my spunk deep into his mouth it was the best cum i had ever had, i shoot loads.

He got off of me and and wanked him self off over my face it was not as much spunk as the firt guy but felt so good. just like the first guy he walked away without saying a ward.

I've got to say that was one of the best sex i've ever had untill i had my first fuck with a women and yes it was jackey from the pub, some years later after i had married her i took her to the spot that i had had sex with the two guys that evening we both got naked and as i fucked her i could not stop thinking about that evening with the two guys, funny thing was she said after how randy i had been, i looked into her eyes and just smilled.