7 Nov 2017

Sucked on another cock last night. Got to my usual car park 6-30pm. Two cars there. Got out and first one waved me away! Second one didn't. He got out and went to back of car and pulled his trousers down. Already lovely and stiff. About 7 inches. A really nice one. Cut although I prefer uncut. Love to push the foreskin back with my lips. I wanked him few about 30 seconds then got down and sucked him. The first driver then came round to watch and have a fondle. He had his cock out which I felt at the same time but when I went to suck him he pulled back! That's only the second time I've had that happen. and I've sucked 100s. I don't think I'd stop anyone sucking my cock. Anyway, this one was loving his cock in my mouth. He pushed it right in until I was gagging. Fantastic. I was having a really good feel around his arse and balls. Then I stood up and fondled him all down his thighs and up to his back and nipples. The other one was doing it too. He was wanking like mad and I said make sure you cum in my mouth as I love tasting spunk. I went back down and within a minute or so he shot his spunk. Not very much though. Just enough for a taste. I just swallowed it. One of the nicest I've sucked on for a while and I've been sucking a lot this year. The other man just got straight back in his car and went. How many of us would turn down the chance of being sucked. Perhaps he thought he might catch something. I went back later but place was deserted. There again in 2 weeks time.