Written by Mike

28 Jan 2018

Following the recount of my first time with a guy, I promised to tell of some of my other Bi experiences, so here goes.

I travel quite a bit with work, and usually take my stockings, suspenders, and panties with me, and sometimes a few toys. I was working away and in a hotel, and as often happens got the urge for some cock. I had showered and put on my black suspender belt, black stockings, open crotch black panties and my leather studded cock ring. I was feeling really horny so was wanking myself in the bedroom, and put my butt plug in my ass while I was doing it. I had been on Fab and looking to see who was close by and had exchanged a few messages with a few guys, but nothing came off them wanting to meet.

I decided to go and eat, and put my jeans and tee shirt on, with my lovely lingerie on underneath, and for the first time I left my butt plug in when I left the room. I went into the bar, and had a meal and a drink, often checking my phone to see if any messages. After a while I got a message from a guy about my age, asking what I was doing, where I was staying, what I liked etc, and after exchanging a few messages, I told him I was in a bar, and what I had on. He asked which bar, and when I told him he said he lived about half a mile away and asked if I wanted to meet. He had a lovely big cock, which looked really suckable and as I was horny I said yes. We agreed he would come to the hotel bar, and if we got on, then we would decide whether it was back to my room or his place.

He arrived about 20 minutes later, and as I was sat there I got a message asking me where I was sat. I told him, and he replied he could see me, and he thought he would definitely like to have some fun with me. I did not know where he was, and he would not tell me, but said we would meet soon, and to be patient. I was not sure what he was playing at, but sat there with my drink, when I got another message telling me that he wanted to go to the gents, take a picture of myself showing me in my stockings and suspenders, with a hard cock and send it to him. This felt quite horny and as I knew it would not take me long to get hard, I decided to play along. I went to the gents, popped into the cubicle, dropped my trousers and pulled my tee shirt up and then played with my cock for a short while until it was hard and took a selfie. I also managed to get one of the butt plug in my hole, being held there by the back of the thong of the panties. I sent them to him. Very quickly I got a reply back saying he wanted to take me back to his place if I was up for it. I said yes……

I pulled my jeans back up and managed to get my cock to go down a bit and was washing my hands when a guy came into the toilet, stood at the urinal and started to pee. I dried my hands and was about to leave, when the guy spoke and said how much he liked me in my stockings and he hoped he could put his cock where the butt plug was, yes he had watched me come in, did not see anyone else enter and when he got the pictures knew I was up for it, so came in to introduce himself. He was about my age, and fitter than I was and as he had finished peeing, I could see he had a cock that was indeed a good size, as he popped it away.

We left the hotel and headed back to his place, and as we went through a small cut through near to where he lived he asked me to give his cock a quick suck in public. I had not done this before and was a little worried about being caught, but I saw he had his cock out so I dropped to my knees and started to suck it. It very quickly got hard, and boy did it taste good, and I could feel myself getting hard also. After about 30 seconds he pulled me up, popped his cock back in his trousers and led me back to his house. Once inside, he offered me a drink which I accepted, and as he made them I sat in his living room watching gay porn. He came back in with 2 drinks, but he was bollock naked, and he was hard again. He stood me up and kissed me passionately, and while doing so expertly stripped me down to my lingerie. He then sat down, and got me on my knees between his legs eagerly sucking his cock, and his shaved balls, and talked really dirty to me, calling me a whore, slut, cumdump etc. This turned me on and my cock was really hard as well. After about 10 minutes of attention on his cock, we swapped places and he then worked on my cock, balls and ass, as he fucked me with my buttplug. After a while he took it out and then gave me a real rimming, and had his tongue right up my hole as he wanked me. I was in heaven, and when he asked to fuck me I said yes, even though it had been a long time since I had been fucked and his cock looked very big to fit in my ass. However, he turned me over, lubed my ass, popped a condom on and then gently entered me. It took a bit of getting in, but once in it filled my hole and felt really good as he pounded away at me, still telling me what a good slut I was. He said he was ready to cum, and at that pulled out, pulled the condom out, turned me round and began fucking my mouth. After about 20 seconds I felt him start to tense and then he flooded my mouth with his cum, keeping his cock in there so I had no choice but to swallow it, and it tasted lovely. Once he had cum, he them made me wank myself off and shoot my cum all over his shaved cock and balls, and then made me eat my own cum, and clean his cock and balls with my mouth.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we sat and chatted afterwards, me still in my lingerie. I normally take it off before I leave a guys, but he made me keep it on, and put my jeans on over the top again. We walked back to the hotel, and on the way back he said he wanted to cum again, but in public, so he got his cock out near where I had sucked it on the way to his house, and wanked it furiously, until he said quick on your knees and suck it again, which I did, and he filled my mouth again, which I also swallowed.

We then parted company, and said we would stay in touch, which we did, while I was working there, and we met a few more times, with one of those times being when he introduced me to a couple of his friends who all used me. That is a story for another time……