Written by blueheart

6 Aug 2012

On Sat 4th Aug 12, I was on cam flaunting myself, dressed as a sissy slut wearing white stockings, sussies panties and a little camisole top. I also put on my pink and black collar and lead. I had been hoping to entertain my very local buddy and give him a nice BJ to completion for the second time.

I had had a few conversations with guys who wanted to meet me but I only wanted local friends to pop in. I had even opened up my own "Andover, Hants bi sub cd cock fun very local only" chatroom.

Unfortunately, all my buddies seemed to be away! Just after lunch, I was chatting with a friend when all of a sudden, one of my local buddies appeared. We had never met but had been planning to for some time. He thought he might be able to pop out but the arrangement was complicated by me expecting some people to call, even though I had no intention of opening the door, I didn't want to be caught dressed!

We carried on chatting anyway hoping events would unfold in our favour.

I was horny for cock and desperate to make the arrangements so we started to work out a plan, in case we could go for it.

To cut a long story short, I said "let's do it". He would drive to my road and park up, watching for the friends (I told him what car to look for in case they arrived at the same time). If they weren't around he would ring my doorbell and I would let him in, still "dressed" but with clothes over the top, just in case.

He rang the doorbell and I opened up, I ushered him upstairs and as he stripped naked, I undressed to my "gear". He sat in my computer chair, where I had showed him on cam earlier, and I knelt at his feet like the sub slut I am. I glanced at my computer screen and I had two friends watching as I bega to lick and suck his lovely cock.

He has a magnificent cock, probably 7 inches with a beautiful upward curve, and he gets so hard. I played to the camera, showing the chatroom what a slut I am with a cock in my mouth. His cock was just so hard and the curve was stopping me deepthroating him easily, I needed to be in a 69 position really! Next time I hope to deepthroat him fully!

I could tell he was close but held off for a while and messaged the chatroom to slow things down. The dom guy I know was abusing me as a slut etc in the room and it was making me so horny, slutty and sissy like. I was loving being the sub cock sucker for a guy I'd never met before, what a whore?

Eventually, I asked if he wanted to cum, he said yes. I worked hard on that beautiful very hard cock and knew he was close to cumming. I wanted it all down my throat and kept that cock deep in my mouth.

As he got close he said "take that" and pumped a very big load of juicy cum deep into my mouth and throat. I savoured the taste and texture and squeezed every drop from his softening cock.

As soon as he'd calmed down, he stood, dressed said "thanks" and left. I showed him out still dressed in my "gear".

I had been used to give him pleasure, there was no attempt to reciprocate because I am a cock sucking slut to be used as a cum dump and I'm loving it.

It just confirmed that I am very sub and that I love to serve and suck cock. Not only that but I also love to swallow real men's cum.

I think the humiliation of being used is a turn on and I crave more.

"R", when you read this, thank you for popping in. I loved sucking your gorgeous hard cock and I'd love to do it again. I wonder if you'd let me serve you again in front of another friend and then make me serve and swallow him too, especially if you take photos of me.