Written by Roadrunner

26 Aug 2011

I only went in the toilet for a piss and came away having had my cock wanked off by another bloke.Im wearing nothing but a pair of running shorts and Ive just completed about ten miles,Im hot and Im a bit knackered and I see this toilet almost hidden behind some bushes.Im thinking I,ll take a breather and have a piss.Theres a bloke of about 60 standing at the stall,we look at each other and he nods at me.Right away I think this blokes looking for sex.Id seen a couple of videos and gay magazines but Id never really given much thought to doing gay sex.

Id had sex with a few lasses but wasnt into permanent stuff,just getting my rocks off.I hadnt even admitted it to myself but I suppose Im bi.Id shaved my pubes and had tried the undies thing ,my sisters when I still lived at home,but mostly I just wanked.

I saw him sneaking another look in my direction,down at my hands holding my cock,I wasnt actually pissing Im standing there holding it,I know I was probably telling him to make a move.I could see the movement of his arms he was wanking,I felt my own cock harden,he looked me straight in the face,he didnt say anything but he was asking me the question and he could tell I wasnt saying no.

He took a step closer to me letting me see his cock as he did it,he was a small bloke but he had a hell of a piece of meat in his hand,full on.His hand went on my arse and felt me through my shorts,I was surprised how nice it felt,he just felt the cheeks iof my arse,his cock in full view now,as I said full on and hes giving it a good old wanking.My own got hard and even though Im six inches taller than him my cocks no where the size of his.

Come in the cubicle he s safer,I,ll suck your cock,my first thoughts not a chance but then he pushes his hand up the leg of my shorts and handles my bare arse,come on he says,come on.Theres not a lot of room inthe cubicle and the door dosent lock and Id never done it before,thats nice he says as he holds my cock in his hand what do you like doing,cant remember what I said because even though theres not a lot of room hes managing to get all his clothes off,stretching up to put them on the window cill,rubbing his naked body against me.His balls were as impressive as his cock big and well hung,he was putting my offerings to shame.

He had assumed complete control,hes pushing my shorts and pants down to my ankles and waits for me to step out of them,which I do,he reaches up to put them on the window cill and I can see his cock push up under my balls and feel the wetness and heat of his precum and the pulsing head as he pushes it between my legs,his arms go around behind me and he starts a fucking action pushing his large cock right in between my thighs,it dawns on me that Im being half fucked by a naked man,I find that Ive got my arms around him and Im also doing a fucking action feeling the tender head of my cock rubbing onto the hair on his stomach.

I can just about reach the cheeks of his arse,hes got a tight grip on mine,as I dont have any pubic hair I can feel his rubbing my smooth balls.He wasnt in the least perturbed when a bloke pushed the door open a bit,enough to watch us and stood there with his cock out wanking,it actually encouraged him.He goes down into his knees and feeds my cock into his mouth and starts to do long slow sucks on it,now I dont even give a fuck that we,re being watched,it actually feels good.

Ive got my hands on his head and I cant stop myself,I start to fuck his mouth,I can feel my cock touch against the back of his throat,hes squeesing the cheeks of my arse,tighter and tighter,the bloke watching us is giving his cock some stick.Im stuck between wanting to shoot my load and making it last longer,Id fucked a fanny or two but this was better,I think being warched helped.

Even though Id had a good wank the previous evening once I started to cum I seemed to go on and on feeling his mouth fill with spunk,my cock was restricting hiswallowing a bit but he kept gulping it down.He waited for me to let him know I was completely empty,he got tissues from his pocket and cleaned my cocks and balls and handed me my pants and shorts.That was great he said as Im ready to leave,hope to see you again and opens the door to let me get out,the bloke who was wanking had already removed his trousers,already naked from the waist down,even he said see you again as he went in the cubicle.I just walked back to my flat.