Written by john42

14 Feb 2008

So following on from my earlier item---- I arrived at the sauna £12 tiny towel (not needed on a Wed.) showered again ,checked the lubed ring and wandered to the video room. Usual shaven hunks humping on screen but a goog excuse to start a gentle public wank! Not to long before the first guy wandered over and I had the first big hand pulling at my 8\" shaft. Catching my eye he nodded towards it and licked his lips, I nodded back and downn he went, slurping and gagging on my cock. Other figures appeared ,some watching but others reaching over to join in . Soon 7 of us were in mutual contact. I went onto my knees to enjoy aa aray of hard cocks slipping from one to another, my face now slippery with pre cum and my saliva. A big tatooed hairy guy then lifted me up and pulled me back onto his chest, his hands going for my sensitive nipples making me thrust and heave my cock at the men , \"come 0n, help yourselves \" hairy said. At that point one turned and backed to wards my thrusting cock ,eager hands reached to aim me and I watched facinated as my cock was fed into his waiting arse!He impaled himself on me and I filled him to the hilt! As we fucked I was aware of the guys arround me wanking like mad ,one slim chap climbed on the seat and wanked furiousy at my face soon splattering his come onto me, I could feel it being wiped over my face and mouth. I cuold nt hold back any longer , I started to grunt and pump even harder into the willing body impaled on me . \"Dont come in me \" he cried, ahand reached down pulled me out and milked me onto his arse cheeks . What a session and only in the place half an hour!!!!!