Written by Kel

17 Aug 2012

I used to be a regular user but now can't find one anymore,I used them from a young age,never forget the first time I saw a man wank himself through that first hole,did'nt have a clue about gay sex but liked what I saw.

I tried girls ,fucked two of them but by then I'd already had sex with man and to be honest the fanny thing just did'nt work for me,I always ended up needing to wank myself off,and soon found myself back visiting public toilets.

I quickly progressed to sucking cocks and like other stories on here I would spend hours in a toliet completely naked wanking or sucking cocks off.For me there was never a shortage of men needing relief, I'm sure my age was a contributing factor and some of the older men I met were great in terms of variety,not just in terms of size but what they liked me to do for them.

These days I use gay sex sites,I end up sitting there naked wanking as I watch lads sucking and fucking each other but invariably they look almost bored with what they're doing,in many cases barely able to maintain a hardon.

I've met up with a couple of men through the internet,we had sex,it was OK but it lacked the excitement of having sex with a total stranger in a dingy public toilet and as one spunked off there was another waiting to take his place,sometimes never a word spoken for hours,just men doing what they had come in the toilet to do.