Written by Selby

2 Dec 2009

It was a few years ago I was in Barry in Wales,I was 18 years old and so so naive.I happened on these gents toilets,I needed a wee.As I walked in there were a couple of chaps at the stalls,they jumped apart as I entered but I'd already noticed one of their cocks,could hardly miss it,it was big and standing straight up,I'll admit I'd no idea what was going on.Instead of going to the stalls I went in a cubicle,the first thing I noticed on the walls were pictures of erect cocks,a number with spunk shooting from them.

I took my cock out to have a wee but had suddenly lost the urge,I realised I was getting an erection.I could hear faint noises from the stalls and did'nt want to go back out,I lowered my pants and undies and sat on the loo,I had a full erection,I did'nt wank or anything I just held it in my hand.I noticed a little hole in the door,curiosity got the better of me,I put my eye to it.It was the first time I saw two men wanking each other,I pulled away but then went straight back.They'd obviously copped me,they turned towards my door,they were cocks of very different sizes,one, the one I'd seen earlier was a brute,the other chaps hand barely fitting around it,by contrast the other chaps was small but beautifully formed,his balls were also outside his pants.

I realised I was wanking myself and getting myself excited,I could see they were both much older than me.The chap with the smaller cock walked towards my door holding his cock,I pulled quickly away.I knew it was his eye at the hole,I think at first I tried to hide but a new kind of excitement took over,I wanted him to see my body,well I'd seen theirs.I turned around on the loo my legs apart,I heard the word 'nice' being whispered,my heart was racing,I took my cock in my hand and started to wank myself,at that stage I had no idea why.

A whisper again'let me see more',I was shaking as for some reason I removed my pants and undies,I heard 'nice''nice',I lifted my top over my head and removed it.I was just about aware that somebody had gone in the cubicle next door and suddenly a piece of paper that was stuck on the wall started to move then fell away,I had'nt realised there was a hole between the cubicles.It was the chap with the dig cock,it suddenly came through the hole,pushing the foreskin back exposing a purple shiny throbbing head.

I just looked at it as it pushed in and out of the hole then somehow knew he wanted me to touch it,I put my finger on it and it immediately started jerking,the head seemed to enlarge even more as I felt it between my finger and thumb.The partition was thin and there was at least 7 inches of cock available,still wanking myself I put my fingers around it,so hot,it pushed faster and faster in and out,I was'nt really wanking it,he was doing all the work.I heard the voice at the door say'open your door',without thinking I undid the bolt,I was'nt in my right mind.

He was in with me the door rebolted,his hands were all over me,he was kissing my nipples then down my back kissing the cheeks of my backside,I was still holding the cock from next door,I let go of my own and suddenly realised what being wanked by another man was like,it was good.He started to undress,with a little difficulty in the small cubicle,his cock and his balls were really pink,his body very pale,he smelt of talcum powder,I remembered my mothers.He put his arms around me from behind and rubbed himself against me all the time wanking me,I could feel his cock throbbing between the cheeks of my backside,one hand now playing with my balls as the other wanked me.

I had almost forgotten about the cock in my hand then a whisper in my ear said bring him off,I started to move my hand along its length the first time I really wanked somebody,he wanted it,he stopped pushing in and out and let me wank it.It seemed to get even bigger,I actually felt the spunk come through the shaft,moving aside just in time to avoid being covered in it.It was an amazing sight and an amazing feel to hold a strange cock tight as it explodes,I had to grab my friends hand to stop myself following suit.

The pity was he did'nt do the same,at first I was just aware of the heat between my cheeks but then the wetness,his cock moving out and over my cheeks as he emptied himself onto me.The other cock had disappeared,I heard the cubicle door open,he'd left,my friend behind me let go of my cock and I felt his already softening cock slowly stop rubbing against my cheeks.He unrolled some toilet paper and proceeded to clean himself and then more he cleaned his spunk from my backside,that was a nice touch but I still had an almost painfull erection,I wished I'd let him wank me off.

I watched him dress,he patted my bottom and opened the door fully,there was a chap waiting at the stalls wearing small shorts and teeshirt,he looked at me and smiled then did'nt give me time to close the door.