13 Mar 2018

After a fairly long break since having sex with a man I finally got out last night to where I always go. A46 Coopers Hill, Brockworth. Got there 10pm. Only one car in the car park. Got out and looked to see what the driver was doing. He very quickly got out and came round. He knew why I was there and got his cock out. I asked what he liked which was oral. My favourite. His cock was just right. About six inches, not too big in diameter to make it difficult to suck or take up my arsehole which I also like to do. I started wanking him, he was already quite stiff. I would think he was in his fifties. I very quickly went down on him and he loved it. I love when men pull my head right down and make me gag. I'm an expert at sucking cock. Been doing it for forty years or more. I pulled away and told him to ram it down my throat. He didn't need to be asked twice! It was fantastic. He really fucked my mouth. We were in full view of anyone else pulling in the car park. Made it even more exciting. He was making lots of noise and really squirming around. Then that familiar build up of a man about to shoot his spunk. Which he did. Nice long climax. Good amount of spunk. The most I've had for some time. Carried on sucking him until he could take no more. I'd already swallowed a fair amount so I just spat the rest out. Too much even for me. I really loved doing it as did he.