Written by J.T.D.

29 Jul 2008

I really had no experience of sex. I was already 19 but had never shared a sexual encounter. Yes , I masturbated , I would lie in my bed at night and play with my cock and then masturbate myself before going to sleep.I would also masturbate on occasion whilst having my shower in the morning.

I suppose I was considered a loner , but I was happy with my own company. Then one day things changed, I went in a public toilet very much an innocent. I went in one of the two cubicles, the other was occupied, I had no thoughts of sex.

I dropped my trousers and undies and sat on the loo. I was suddenly aware of breathing in the next cubicle, then I was aware of some toilet paper stuck on the partition between the cubicles. I listened to the noises from next door, then for some reason I moved the toilet paper just a little bit suddenly realising there was a large hole in the partition. Curiosity overcame me , I nervously peeped through the gap I had created.

I could see a pair of stocking clad legs and the clasps of what would turn out to be a suspender belt.I looked away from the opening I could feel my cock swell in my hand , I was confused. I was sweating and trembling. I looked back through the hole, more body was on view . The legs were spread apart a pair of small white lacy pants , just large enough to contain his balls, were on view, a hand was very slowly pushing up and down on a rock hard cock of about 7 inches covering and exposing the shiny head with each movement.

I was aware I was rubbing my own cock and feeling the need to masturbate like I had never felt before. A finger came through the hole and pushed the toilet paper off the wall. The partition was thin , I could see the face that was watching me masturbate , I was shaking all over. The face pulled away , without thinking I looked through the now large hole, he was standing against the back wall, he was wearing a full set of ladies undies including a lacy bra, the pants were pushed down I watched his balls swinging as he masturbated, he was smiling at me.

He came towards the partition I moved away , I was almost at the point of cumming , I watched as his arm came into my cubicle making a masturbating motion, I was scared and trembling all over. I stood up and stepped towards the hand, I shook violently when the fingers touched my balls, I moved closer , the hand gently fondled me, I stood breathless as the fingers encircled my cock moving up and down.

I grabbed the hand and pressed it tightly around my cock and started to masturbate myself with it, I was immediately cumming like I,d never done before covering his arm in my spunk.

He knew I had cum, he waited for me to release his hand and withdrew it . As I quickly pulled up my undies and trousers I knew he was cleaning my spunk off his arm, As I left the cubicle another guy was waiting to enter , he smiled at me. I did,nt know it then but I would be back soon.