Written by Jon_Lane

17 Jul 2011

I often travel to the naturist beach on the North Welsh coast in the summer and sometimes I want a convenient stop off point to have a break or stay the night. I looked on one of the naturist websites and found a guy willing to put up naturist males at a small cost. I emailed him and we set a date for my visit. He told me that he was a naturist and a qualified masseur so if I wanted I could book a massage with him.

I finished work on the Friday afternoon and traveled down, following the directions that he gave me. The house looked promising, set on its own in isolated countryside, a beautiful setting. I rang the doorbell feeling a little nervous as to what to expect. A man in his late forties opened the door and he was completely naked, he said that he was Jim and I must be Tom and he welcomed me in. He told me that he spent as much time naked as he could, the area was sparsely populated and he wasn't overlooked so he could do so without fear of offending anyone. He showed me my room, which was well furnished and comfortable. 'I'll leave you to freshen up and unpack, I've got some cold beer in the fridge when you come down' he said and then added, 'Don't worry about clothes, you can come down au naturel if you like'.

I showered and then debated with myself as to whether I should just go down naked. My naked self won and I went downstairs completely nude. Jim was in the kitchen pouring two beers and he beckoned me in. For the first time I glanced at his cock, he was shaved and his cock was long and thick with what looked like a long foreskin. I walked into the kitchen and he gave me a beer and then suggested that we go out into the garden, as it was such a nice warm evening. We both sat down on the sun loungers that were out on the patio and began chatting. He asked me how long I had been a naturist and how often I went to the beach. He then asked me if I was gay. I told him that I was married but that I was definitely bisexual and that I had limited experience mostly in the dunes on the naturist beach. He laughed and said that he had once been married but he had realized that he was gay some years into his marriage and when he told his wife that was the end of the relationship.

He was a good looking man, still had a full head of hair with streaks of grey at the temples. His body was in fine shape and he was very tanned with no ‘white bits’. We chatted until the sun went down and it was beginning to get a bit chilly. We went inside to the spacious lounge and he asked if I wanted to have the massage he had promised. I thought that it would relax me after a long journey and help me sleep so I said that I would like a massage.

He took me upstairs to his ‘massage room’. It had very subdued lighting and he put some relaxing music on the CD player. In the center of the room was a massage table, which he beckoned me to down on. “Ill do your back first”, he said as he undid a bottle of oil and rubbed it on his hands. I lay on my front and I felt him drop some oil on my shoulders and then he began the massage. He was standing at my head as he kneaded my shoulders and his cock was right in front of me and it swung back and forth as he moved. I felt my own cock stir at this sight and it was pushing hard against my stomach. His cock was flaccid but it was beautifully thick and long. It must have been around eight inches even in its unaroused state. He moved to the back of me as he finished my shoulders. I was disappointed I wanted to feast my eyes on his beautiful dick. He put oil in the middle of my back and began to continue with the massage. It was really relaxing at the same time as being incredibly exciting. He moved down to my buttocks and I could feel the warm oil oozing down the crack of my arse and he began to massage them this nearly sent me crazy and my cock wanted release.

After a while he asked me to turn over so that he could do my front. I warned him of my state and he laughed saying he had seen more erect pricks than I had had hot dinners. I turned over and my cock sprang free pointing high at the ceiling of the room. He smiled and said, ‘Very nice, you’ve got nothing to be afraid of.’ He poured oil on my chest and began to massage my chest and stomach. My cock was bouncing around as he pushed my skin this way and that. I glanced at his cock, it was getting erect, and this made my cock feel even harder. He asked if I would excuse him, as he had to go and get some more oil from downstairs. When he went I couldn’t resist having a play with my rock hard prick but stopped when I heard him coming back up the stairs.

He came in the room and his cock was fully erect and standing a good ten inches out in front of him. It was magnificent and I just wanted to get my hands on it. It bounced up and down as he walked over to the table and he asked, ‘Do you want the full massage?’

I answered in the affirmative not really knowing what this meant. I soon got my answer as he poured oil over my erect cock and began to smooth it in as he did so he pulled my foreskin back and forth. I was in heaven but I wanted more, I wanted to feel his cock and it wasn’t long before I had the opportunity. He moved to my head again and his cock was sticking up right above my face as he was leaning over playing with mine. I grabbed hold of it, it was like iron and the veins were standing out so thick. I pulled his foreskin back slowly and exposed the bulbous, purple head of his cock. He moved away and I felt disappointment but that soon disappeared when it became apparent what his next move was. He continued to massage my cock and then he bent over and put it in his mouth. I nearly came there and then and had to touch his arm to warn him to stop a while to stop me cumming.

“Why don’t we go into my bedroom, we can both be comfortable there” he said and I got off the massage bed and followed him. We were soon laying on a king size bed and he was sucking my cock again. I maneuvered myself so that we were in the 69 position and we both sucked for all we were worth. His cock continually twitching with a strength and mind of its own it seemed. After a while he asked if I did anal. I told him I had never tried but I didn’t really fancy having a cock up my arse. He laughed and said it was his arse that wanted the cock. I hadn’t ever done that either but I was willing if he had a condom. He magically produced one and rolled it over my bursting cock. He then kneeled on the bed with his arse in the air and told me to go for it. I expected some difficulty entering him but I slipped inside easily, he was obviously well practiced and prepared. I found a great excitement at fucking him like this, me the virgin arse fucker! I nearly came several times but managed to hold steady and save my spunk.

I told him that I wanted to him to see me cum and for me to see him. I came out of his arse and took off the condom. I began to wank his thick meaty cock and then suck it. I took it deep in my throat and I could feel the tell tale pulsing that told me he was going to cum. I took him out of my mouth just in time to see great loads of gooey white spunk shoot out of the end of his cock. It splashed on my face and chest and I put his cock back in my mouth for the last drops to swallow. There was cum everywhere and now it was my turn. I wanted to wank over him and he reached for my cock and began to pull on it, back and forth. I felt myself starting to cum and I straddled him and took over from him and started wanking my own hard cock and suddenly spurted cum in his face and on his chest. I thought that I was never going to stop cumming. We were both covered in spunk as we lay on the bed together completely exhausted. After a while we ended up in the shower together which soon got our cocks hard again but we didn’t do anything else that night.

I was staying the weekend…would you like to know what happened on Saturday?