Written by Nigel

16 Oct 2008

Following that experience with the guy in the car,I needed that kind of contact more and more. I needed to feel hands on my body. I visited toilets,but all too often guys just wanted to wank me off or ask me to wank them off. I think my size and baby face frightened them off a bit.

Then one afternoon I visited a toilet,a guy was standing at the stall,I took my cock out and started to have a pee,I needed one. He quickly glanced in my direction and away again. I looked towards him,even though I could,nt see his cock, by the movement of his hand I knew he was playing with himself.

He glanced back at me,then turned slightly towards me, as he looked up at the ceiling, he had an erection. I was looking at it,he looked at me and said,it,s rude to look young man. I,m sorry I replied, as I put my cock away.

He made no attempt to hide his cock,he said to me,are you a local lad,no I lied I,m here on holidays at my aunts.As he spoke to me I was looking at his cock,which he was now wanking slowly. Show me yours he suddenly said,I bet you,ve got a lovely one.

I had an erection now,he did,nt know it but I wanted him to play with me,I,m not sure I said, I won,t touch it he said, I would just like to see it. Somebody might come in I said,if I take you somewhere safe will you show me, he asked. Where I asked,to my house ,I live close by he said. I need to be back at my aunts in a couple of hours,no problem ,come on.

I watched him put his erect cock in his trousers,come on he said again. I walked behind him to his car,I had an erection,I think he probably still had.

We were at his house in a couple of minutes,he drove straight in the garage and closed the doors, I was nervous as I got out of the car,OK young man he said,I think so I replied.We went through into his house,I don,t suppose you drink, I like some lemonade if you,ve got any,I said. He went in the kitchen and returned with two glasses,I could see he was sweating. There was vodka in my lemonade, I expected there would be.

I drank it down as he watched me,it did go to my head,he noticed. I,m warm he said as he removed his shoes and socks,take your,s off he said. I pretended to be really affected by the drink,he was smiling at me. I took my shoes and socks off, I was sitting in an armchair,he stood in front of me and undid his trousers,looking at me and smiling,he pushed them down and removed them,he was wearing white briefs,I could see the outline of his balls,he lifted his teeshirt over his head, I could see he had an erection.

He stood in front of me and felt his cock through his briefs. Will you take your clothes off for me he said,I want to see you. Still sitting on the armchair I undid my trousers an removed them,I was,nt wearing undies,I had an eraction,he started to breathe deeply. He reached out and took my hands and stood me up. I pretended to be unsteady,let me he said as he unbuttoned my shirt, his hands trembling.I was naked,he stood back and just looked at me,his hands trembling even more,god you,re beautiful he whispered,I love it when someone says things like that.

I could see his cock pusating in his briefs,a damp patch appearing,he was precumming. He shook all over as he pushed his briefs down and stepped out of them. He took his cock in his hand and started to wank himself,his balls bouncing up and down. I just stood there my hands by my side watching him,I could feel my cock pulsating,I wanted to wank myself,but resisted.

Can I he said in a trembling voice as he reached for my cock,I just smiled,his fingers were hot and sweating but felt great,he probed my balls,I began to tremble. Feel me he whispered as he moved my hand to his cock, I think I surprised him,I took a tight grip on his cock and wanked him,I moved closer to him and took his balls in my other hand.

He suddenly put his arms around me and pulled me to him, his solid cock pushed into my stomach,my own cock pressed against his thighs. He was moaning loudly as he pumped his cock up and down my stomach,I suddenly felt the wet heat between us as he started coming,his grip on me tightened as he bathed me in his cum. His moaning stopped as did his cum,he slowly let me go,we stood apart,I could feel his spunk cooling on my body,I was covered in it.

I,m sorry he said I did,nt plan to do that,I could,nt stop myself, It,s OK I said I liked it, he relaxed, you have,nt come off he said,do you want me to?. Will you suck me I asked,he looked really surprised,I smiled and offered myself to him. He got on his knees and quickly took all of my cock in his mouth,I pushed it in and out, I placed my hands on his head, I let myself come off, I might not have a big cock but I shoot loads of spunk,he got a mouthful,I knew he was drinking it. You need a shower and so do I he said,do you want to be on your own,do want to shower me I asked.Oh yes he replied.