13 Feb 2017

I always look forward to visiting an adult cinema in Birmingham and my most recent visit had some delightful thrills. When I arrived it had been open about twenty minutes and a few fellows were there before me. Two rooms to choose from and not a lot happening. However when I saw that luscious Lola Taylor was starring in one of the films I settled down and watched her being given some hard treatment. Only one on one but she is utterly gorgeous and really seems to enjoy every cock that she encounters. I relaxed in a seat, opened my trousers and shirt and enjoyed the hardness of my smooth cock. I never wear any underwear when I go to the cinema as pleasure is so much easier with nothing to get in the way.

After Lola had been given a good time I moved to the other room and watched a film of two bi guys with a pretty girl. This was fun too; I love seeing a guy sucking a cock as he fucks a pretty girl and all the other combinations that two lusty young men can achieve with a sexy girl. My shirt was undone, my trousers were wide open and my cock was stiff and solid. Close to me two men were exploring each other and I watched as hands stroked cocks and I wanted some nice cock to suck. I lent over and one of them thrust his long smooth prick in my mouth. I have been practising my deep throat technique so I sucked in all that I could - in fact nearly seven inches of delicious hard prick.

'Ah! That's so good!' I heard as I worked my mouth really enjoying the sensation of having such a good cock in my mouth. I pulled back to draw breath and he withdrew. 'Your turn,' he said to the other man and a shorter but thicker prick was offered to my willing lips. I opened my mouth wide and took him deep and enjoyed hearing some appreciative moans. I stopped to draw breath then set work on the long cock again sucking and sliding my tongue over it. Sometimes I just worked on the crown slathering saliva over it then plunging down with my mouth wide and taking every inch I possibly could manage.

'You dirty little slut! Dirty slut!' he whispered.

He withdrew and began to rub himself with his cock really close to my face. 'Don't waste your spunk! I want your spunk in my mouth or on my face,' I said.

'Dirty dirty slut!'

'Don't waste it ... let me have it. Let me taste it.'

'Here you are slut!' He thrust his cock in my eager mouth and a moment later a delicious explosion of hot spunk hit my tongue. 'There you are slut! Now lick me clean.' He pulled his spunky prick out of my mouth and wiped it over my face and I licked avidly, feeling utterly depraved and loving every moment.

I moved on to another man who had arrived and we had arranged to meet. I was wearing a chain round my neck for identity. He smiled and made room so I sat by him and removed my trousers. We sat gently playing with each other until he lent forward and began to suck me delicately and softly but oh so sexually. His mouth worked up and down my rock hard prick and his wet lips pleasured me delightfully. His expertise was sublime. Soon others joined us and presented cocks for attention. I soon had a cock in my mouth which I licked and sucked, some times deeply and sometimes swirling my tongue around the tip then plunging my head down to enjoy the my throat. My practising of deep throat had been well worth while. One of my hands was gently stroking someone and I felt fingers on my own cock. I was enjoying being in a group of five guys exploring each other with hands and mouths.

At the opposite end of the row another man was watching us and pleasuring himself as he watched us. Suddenly another guy came in; he was clearly there for a purpose as he saw the group of us playing with our cocks on display and his eyes lit up. Without a moment's hesitation he removed all his clothes and revealed a taut lithe body that was smooth and beautiful. He produced a condom and in moments had the cock of the man on the end of the row thrusting in to him. We watched as we played. This gorgeous figure then moved on to me. He thrust a condom on my smooth hard cock and I pushed forward in my seat and he thrust himself upon me and rode me vigorously giving superb sensations. After riding me hard he then turned round and rode me face to face, his lovely hard and smooth prick just in front of me. This was sublime and I relished every moment as he enjoyed my hard cock deep inside him. He then moved away looking for more exercise.

After this I was sexually buzzing and desperate for more cock. I sat down and stroked myself and a moment later a hard thick cock was in my open mouth. I sucked on it taking it deep and wanking it at the same time. I was also wanking myself and after a few steady strokes I felt my spunk rising as some more hot spunk exploded into my mouth from the cock I was sucking. After this I was happy but exhausted and determined to visit again soon.

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