Written by Reddiesel3

14 Sep 2014

I haven't played with guys for a bit having a bit of break from the whole swinging cruising thing to concentrate on work as it seems whenever I have an active profile on a swinging/crusing site everything else in my life seems to come second.

But the other night I was travelling home from work and stopped off at a cruising picnic area I know of I have been to this one a couple of times and had mixed results. I pulled up and there were plenty of lorries parked up for the night and a landrover I parked up in front and not being one for the old lights on lights off trick (well at least not until I've checked all is cool) I had a couple of pulls on my e cig and then got out the car and walked into the woods. The guy in the landrover looked in the dark to be quite young although I couldn't see much in the dark I wondered to an area where most of the fun happens and nearly jumped out of my skin to find someone already walking through I had expected or hoped the guy from the landrover would follow I stood by a tree as the other guy slowly walked past and heard the door of the landrover open and close the first guy stopped and grabbed his crotch as the second made his way into the woods they both stood about 10 feet from me and I feeling my usual sub self just got down on my knees.

Landrover guy was first to move quickly coming over while getting his thick and rock solid cock out I instantly took it in my mouth impressed how solid it was jutting up while about 6 inches long it was as i say thick I can suck cock but this one was a bit of a struggle to deep throat but tasted gorgeous and clean. By this time the other guy had also come over and I saw his uncut and semi hard cock which was impressively long I released the first one to get a taste of the second and before long it was stiffening in my mouth as I wanked the thicker first I switched between the two thoroughly enjoying myself and judging by the moans I was getting so were they.

I loved the thick one and as I sucked on it the other guy edged behind me slipping a hand down my jeans to play with my arse I hadn't expected this but god it was horny I am very sub and love to be used so stood up dropping my jeans and bending over slightly taking thick cock back down my throat and feeling the other slowly nudging my crack he wasn't rough but had managed to push the head of his cock just inside me before removing it and I'm guessing wetting the end because when it returned it seemed to just ease its way straight in me no pain just total pleasure as I sucked away on the other. the guy behind me was now all the way in and started to slowly fuck me again no urgency just a nice easy action making me moan softly and pushing me further onto the cock in my mouth. So there i was being spit roasted in the woods by total strangers I wondered if the guy i was sucking would want to fuck me too and if his thicker cock would hurt as I felt the pace behind me speed up and his breathing and moaning get a little harder. building up quite a pace now I felt him spunk his load deep in me and then without a pat on the back or ruffle of hair he pulled out zipped up and was gone. To be honest I quite like when I'm used like that just a hole for the taking a source for a guys pleasure there's no emotion for me when I go with guys its just pure lust and sex.

I turned my attention back to the guy in front of me licking his balls which got a nice reaction as he wanked his meat and when i heard him getting close I put my mouth to the tip letting him know I wanted his cum down my throat he wanked till he was at the point of no return and then shoved his cock deep down my throat getting quite loud as he shot a massive load it tasted great and I greedily sucked and cleaned his cock off before easing of his still impressive hard prick I got a thanks mate of this guy and straightened up as i felt the spunk of the fucker trickle down my leg breathless and extremely satisfied I stroke my cock just a couple of times before shooting my own wad over a tree trunk pulled up my jeans and made my way back tot he car and a slightly emptier car park.

I sat in my car getting my breath back feeling great at such an unexpected spit roasting looking for my e cig which I had managed to lose during the fun. so if you happen to be walking through the woods at a picnic spot in Norfolk and find one let me know maybe you could use me for some fun when you return it.