17 Apr 2017

Not been to the one and only place I go for sex with men for a month. 10th April. Got there before 7pm. Wandered around woods but not much going on. Went back down to car park and got in the front seat of a van. Just chatted with driver about all the sex we liked to do. We got our cocks out and started wanking. We didn't touch each other as there were quite a few people around. I then had to go. Went back about 9pm. His van was still but there no sign of him. I started talking to a man and he got his cock out. He was sitting his car. Nice and uncut, my favourite. I leant in and started to suck him. After about 30 seconds the side door of the van opened and the driver and another man got out. They'd been having sex of some kind! I said to the one I was sucking that I would ask the van driver if we could use his van. The van driver said come on in. So we did. The floor wasn't clean enough to lay down on so I just squatted down and he stood up. Trousers right down so I could have a good fondle around his arse and balls. The van driver started touching but mostly just watched as I sucked cock. The man being sucked soon started moving around and making lots of noise. He pulled my head down on his cock, which I love men to do. He then really fucked my mouth and shot a decent amount of spunk in me. I kept on sucking for as long as he could stand it. He pulled out and I licked the cum off his cock. He got dressed and we got out. Said thanks for a fantastic suck and off he went. I hung around for some time after but not much else going on so went home to my unsuspecting wife. Looking forward to my next visit in May. Had a lovely wank on Wednesday watching porn, mostly gay. Saturday night watched porn in bed with my wife, straight, while we both wanked. She had a big climax then I did oral on her. She very quickly had another massive climax. Her clit was rigid. I then carried on wanking and had a fantastic climax with a good amount of spunk which she still like to see shooting. Both 69 years!