Written by CONRAD

26 Mar 2013

I've spent the past hour sitting here at my PC naked,as I've no doubt a lot of likeminded guys do,I'm playing with my cock,half wanking half really.I'm on a site that many of you will well know ,,Justcams,,,theres a lot of half dressed and naked guys wanking on cam,female undies is a popular mode of dress,which is my own particular preference,love little tight knickers.

I use the site to wank on nights I'm not travelling to where there is a public toilet scene,which like so many others I love.At least twice a week I enjoy some quality time in a public toilet.Started off in my teens,I was very shy at first and would be guilty for ages for just wanking off while watching through a gloryhole another guy wanking,I was really scared of being recognised,but then when I moved away from my home town for the first time and even though it did'nt happen immediately for the first time I stripped naked in a cubicle in a public toilet,knowing there was'nt a lock on the door,and waited there the hardest cock I'd ever had in my life in my hand,shaking with fear,I was petrified but everything was overtaken by the need to "used" by another man,I wanted a man to handle me all over,to tell me he wanted me.

When the door began to be slowly pushed open,I felt myself stop breathing,one half of my brain was screaming to stop now,but my sex hormones were running riot.I stood with my back to the door,I gave up trying to stop my knees rocking.I could hear him breathing fast and loud,I knew he was already in the cubicle with me,then he touched me,the gentlest of touches on my bottom,a moment I will never forget in my life,I could feel his hot breath on my neck,I felt both his hands on my hips,very very gently pulling me back towards him,it took me a second or two to realise that the heat of flesh against my bottom was his erect cock,I felt the throb,throb,throb.

His hands had already moved off my hips,one moving below my balls,small that they were at that age,and the other,the other,at first just barely touched my cock,I already knew I was'nt going to be able to hold on,I desperately wanted to,I tried and tried harder but once his hat fingers closed around my cock all control left me.

He knew,even though it was already uneccessary,he wanted to wank me.I did'nt know what it really was to spunk until that moment,his fingers were gentle yet strong,knowing when to slowly reduce the rythem,I think I felt him kiss the back of my neck.

I never saw his face,I don't know his age,he gently fondled my cock until it started to subside,then as silently as he entered the cubicle he was gone,a world of pleasure had been bestowed on me.I'm 27 yrs old now and I read stories of guys in their 70s having enjoyed the greatest of sexual enjoyment in public toilets,with so many gone now I feel lucky to have had 9 great years,I'm also lucky enough to have a job that requires me to travel a lot so I can still use a number of them that still operate.

The only thing more beautiful for me than sharing a cubicle naked with another naked man is being with a naked man who wants to have sex with me when I'm wearing sexy undies,and of course like most others who love toilet sex I love being watched while having sex.