Written by Lunberjack1000

12 Dec 2012

I had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and advised to get some exercise, I could do with losing a stone my doctor told me, so I went along to a badminton evening at our local sports centre. I had previously phoned and arranged to meet Jim, the organiser at the centre. When I arrived he told me that we would be the only 2 playing that evening as his regular partner had called in sick and the group nights were Tuesday and Friday, but tonight, Monday, he normally met new members to evaluate their level so as to match them with suitable playing partners. Jim was around 45 and quite trim, he showed me where the changing room was and sat opposite me while I got changed, the conversation was quite normal until I removed my trousers to put on my shorts and my pants came down at the same time, he remarked that I was cleanly shaved, I was a little surprised to hear him say that, I spluttered out something like "It's healthier that way" he replied "mmmmm nice" and got up and walked towards the court door. I must admit to being a little turned on, but wasn't sure whether he was interested or not. Anyhow we played without anything else mentioned and afterwards went into the changing rooms. The place was empty apart from us and we started to undress and I went into the shower 1st, got the hot water flowing and then I saw Jim come into the shower, he was also shaved but he had a semi hard on, he looked at my cock and said " I'm sorry but you do have a gorgeous cock and if I'm offending you then I will let you shower alone" I told him he that he was having the same effect on me as my cock was starting to grow, he walked over and started to wank my cock slowly but very firmly, he let out a really big sigh as I grabbed his cock, which by now was rock hard and twice the size of mine, not fat but long I slid down to my knees and started to flick my tongue over his cock and the started to suck and wank his cock hard, this I could do only for about 30 seconds when he he tensed up and said he was cumming, I kept up the pace and felt hem cum in my mouth, not lots but the 2nd spurt was quite forceful, I don't swallow so spat out into the running water, but continued to gently lick and suck his cock until he became limp, I was prepared to finish my self off as I thought he may be like me and lose any interest after I've cum but he asked me if I would like to fuck him, I said I only play safe with anal and he sad no problem there was a condom machine on the wall, he returned immediately with a packet of condoms and some shampoo, he started to wank my rock hard cock and then gave me a condom to put on which I did, he then poured some shampoo onto my cock turned around and bent over and spread his arse cheeks, he then told me to fuck him hard, I gently started to ease my cock inside him when he pushed back hard on my cock and took the lot, he started to buck back and forwards on my cock and within a minute or two I was cumming hard, he told me not to withdraw until I was getting limp and to continue to fuck him while my cock was going down. When I withdrew my cock was fully limp, he removed the condom and asked if he could just clean me up, normally as I said I would have said no, but I still felt a little excited, he then knelt down b4 me and gently pulled my foreskin back and licked my cock clean. He asked if I had enjoyed myself I said of coarse, did he? he explained that he was married (which I knew) but had not had any sex of sort for about a year and had not had cock fun for about 20 years. I mention that his arse was quite tight but relaxed very quickly and he admitted that he did wank in the shower at home and pleasured his arse with a small dildo his wife used to use. He has asked me if I want to go along for more 1 to 1 coaching when his regular badminton partner lets him down.....silly question