Written by Sandyfun

20 Apr 2010

During my mostly miss spent youth, I became friends with an older guy while I was working in pub, he was a regular on a sat afternoon and I worked from 12 til 6, he'd the bar and chat or watch the sport on the big screen. I'd only recently turned 18 and was keen to impress the landlord into thinking I could handle the bar on my own for a few hours at a time, by the time the summer came, I had my wish, the bar was mine for most of the afternoon. I got to know Jack over a few months and often walk towards home with him after my shift as he lived on the road I would walk along to get home.

I'd worked a few afternoons and evenings on saturdays for the last few weeks and this particular afternoon I knew I was going home to eat and go back to the pub to do some drinking. As we started our walk that had become a ritual over the weeks, we chatted about the night ahead and Jack asked if I was looking for a girl tonight and said that anyone working bar could pull any time they wanted, I laughed and said that is yet to be proven but heres hoping!

Away from the norm we stopped outside his place and carried on talking, after a bit he invited me for a beer, being 18 I'd accept a free beer off satan! So in we went, he lived on his own and worked away for the week, he said the best part of his week was going to his local on a sat afternoon - we drank a couple of bottles of beer and he became interested in watching porn - he got some videa's and asked what I like to watch, at 18 I just liked watching porn, I didn't know about different stuff, so he put a video on and we sat back a watched, as we watched in silence and finished our beer, he said he had no more beer but he had some vodka - I said that I'd have a vodka and coke but I have to go after that.

As he got up to get the drinks, I could see that he was pushing against his jeans, he noticed I was looking and 'yeah this one always does this to me, I might have do some wanking when I come, is that ok? I honestly didn't think he would have so I said 'yeah no problem' While he was gone, I watched a blonde large breated woman deep throat the largest black cock I've seen. Next thing Jack puts my drink next me, I tasted it and nearly choked, it was 90% vodka. The scene on the video then changed to MMF but it started with the 2 guys together in exactly the same situation I was in with Jack. Without a sound he stood dropped his jeans and started wanking. I was completely shocked and couldnt take my eyes off him - his long pale cock was rock hard and he was slowly stroking himself. As the scene continued on the tv, he sat back on the settee and continued wanking, after while he said 'you dont have sit there watching you know you can do it too, you can sit next to me if you want to? I thought about it and realised that I was very turned on by the whole situation. So i went over and sat next to Jack, before I sat down I loosened my jeans and revealed my semi. As I played with myself I could sense that Jack's attention him gone from the video and was firmly on me. He said 'Do you mind' I had no idea what he meant so replyed 'no' before i know it, he'd leaned over and my cock was touching the back of his throat. At the time I ashamed that it was the 1st blowjob I'd ever got so didn't know how it should feel - but he was moving his head and the hand that was grasping me up and down at such a rate, he was like he was possessed - it really did feel great, it wasnt long before I could feel me begining to cum, all I could say was 'going to cum' - that didn't help he went faster and more intense, I blew my load in his mouth and he milked everything out of me - we sat for a second, he looked very pleased with himself.

When I recovered, I asked him if he wanted me to play with him, he said I didn't have to but if I wanted to, that would be good - so here I was 1st BJ, 1st wank to another guy, took hold of him and just did what felt natural. I pumped up and down fairly mechanical, I kept asking if I was doing it right and he kept saying 'yeah yeah carry on' his cock was long and quite thin so I got adventurous and leaned over and put him in my mouth, again it wasn't relaxed but as I bobbed up and down tasting his flesh and the slight saltyness of him, after a short time I felt him tense up, I wasnt sure that I wanted him to cum in my mouth so I pulled away and wanked him until he came a massive amount, it went everywhere, shit there was easily half a pint.

I felt very awkward very quickly after this and left not long after, Jack and I did this few times after, his job moved him a few months later.

I love to think about the first time I was with him and the things I learnt from him!