Written by Shayne

27 Oct 2008

He returned a minute later with the undies from the bathroom and dropped them on my lap and laughed. He also had some more DVDs. His cock had gone down a bit,he gave a little hand attention and it quickly regained its hardness.

He put a DVD on,two women dressed in sexy undies some of which were now on my lap. They were embracing each other rubbing their body,s together,my wife on the right, he said. They reached behind each other and undid their bras,they fell away,They rubbed their tits against each other. They both reached down and undid the side ties of the similar briefs they were wearing,spread their legs and let them fall away their hands immediately going between each others legs.

I was actually finding it really sexy. He stood in the middle of the lounge wanking, looking at my cock,which I was playing with and then the action on the telly. They were both on the bed,their fingers up each others slits,their hands moving fast as they wanked each other. They moved to the 69 position and tongued each other.

Suddenly he was standing by the bed wanking himself above them.He looked at me and smiled,I must admit I was more into watching him wanking.They would glance at his cock and smile every so often. They both got in a position where their now wide open slits were facing the camera,their fingers were working hard in each others clits.

He looking intently at their open slits wanking himself faster. With deep moaning they were both writhing on the bed,obviously coming, I was really wanking myself,feeling the soft undies in my hand.On the telly he was beating his cock,his back arched backwards,they were both smiling at him.

He started to come,his spunk shooting out with force,it was landing on both of them. They let him wank all over them.He was great,emptied, he walked towards the camera,still hard and switched it off.

The DVD kept playing,he was naked on the bed,a young man naked beside him,both had rock hard cocks. My wife made this one,he said. Like the girls in the video they started to wank each other,I was loving this.They soon had each others cock in their mouths. She used the camera to get close ups of them sucking on each other.

The young man was first to come off,as he shot his load I could see my guy swallowing, he looked at me and smiled,I,ve sucked that cock off a few times,he said laughing. I fill his mouth here,I watched as he did,spunk leaking from the young mans mouth. She continued to film them until their cocks went down,the camera up close watching their subsiding cocks.

My cock was hurting. He switched the telly off. Want to come in the bedroom,he asked. I don,t care where I come so long as I do soon,I joked,me too he replied. He took my cock in his hand as he guided me to the bed. I lay on the bed my legs apart.

He knelt with a knee either side of my head,his balls hung unbelievably low,I swung them back and forward,I like it ,he said. He was wanking me hard,still holding his balls in one hand I wanked him with the other. He went down on me. The heat and wetness of his mouth was electric. He lowered himself to me,I had to guide his cock into my mouth,this was heaven.

I let myself come,I don,t think I could have stopped myself anyway,this was one of the best spunks I,d had for a long time. I was coming so much at first I did,nt realise he was coming too.I gagged a little on his spunk,then got my swallowing action going,he was swallowing mine. We sucked each other limp.

We rolled apart and lay there tail to toe,we both drifted off to sleep.