Written by naktivdave

20 Aug 2014

Went for a nude drive to St Osith beach in essex a few weeks ago. Parked on the beach just inside the wall, and with just a small wrap on walked to the nudist part. There was plenty off guys there, so found a spot to sit down near some others. After a walk round i spoted a guy playing with himself. I asked if he would like a hand and he told me to sit down. I took his cock in my hand and started stroking itand asked if he liked it sucked. He pushed my head down to his cock and as i took it in my mouth i saw some guys watching. After some time sucking him he pulled away and made me get on all 4s so he could rim me. I felt his tongue go right in my ass and soon i was all wet from his mouth. He then pushed his nice hard cock all the way in as the guys near by watched. I waved for them to join in but they just stood and watched as he fuck me. After a short while he pulled out and shot his hot spunk all over my ass, it was lovely!! I love cock and taking it while others watch turns me on.