Written by Karl

2 Aug 2011

How times have changed,will physical sex become obsolete,I'm sure being able to watch another man wanking himself in his bedroom via his webcam can be fun but it does'nt give that sense of mystery and dicovery that some of us older men enjoyed.

I'd moved with my mother to a small Welsh seaside resort around the time sex was becoming a significant part of my thinking,I did'nt have a clue about things like gay sex,I was an avid wanker and was always looking for somewhere a bit private to relieve myself,like somebody else wrote on here earlier,I clearly remember the first time I had a wet dream and spunked in my underpants during the night and my mother telling me I was disgusting,so to avoid that happening again I made sure I always had a wank before going to bed.

Seeing men on the small local beach,it was usually fairly quiet,in what are now referred to "speedos" small swimming trunks that were revealing started to get my attention,but I did'nt have a pair and could'nt ask my mother for a pair.Set back amongst the dunes was small public toilet,almost always empty and where I would occasionally go to wank myself.

One day I found a rolld up towel in the cubicle,there was nobody about so it was obvious somebody had gone off and forgot it.

Inside was a pair of "speedos",I stripped off and put them on,they were small and tight and immediately gave me the urge to wank,I think the thought that they had recently been touching on somebody elses cock was a massive turn on for me.I rolled my clothes up and walked along the beach,I knew of a hidey hole place where I could hide the trunks and towel,just walking along that beach with them tight trunks putting pressure on my cock and almost caressing my balls was almost bringing me off.

Just near where I was heading for this man comes walking towards me,joy of joy he was wearing a pair of what I thought were trunks but as we got closer I could see they were a pair of brief white underpants,which right away reminded me of the night I spunked in mine.Of course my eyes were drawn to the front of them wanting to see what his cock was like,I did'nt even know then that I should'nt do that kind of thing,there was great big bulge and I wondering if mine is looking like that,but funny enough I was'nt thinking gay sex or anything,it still had'nt occurred to me that men did that kind of thing.

He stopped and started talking to me,I think about the weather and things like that,when he said he was wearing his underpants instead of trunks because he did'nt think there was anybody around,and he was hoping nobody would find where he'd left his clothes or he'd look a bit silly going home looking like this and as he said it he put his hand down and took hold of his cock through his pants and then as he talked more he just left his hand there rubbing his fingers along his long and very obvious shaft,I could feel my own cock come under more and more pressure in the tight trunks as it was responding to him standing there almost wanking himself.

Hope to see you again young man he said as he started to walk on,I'm convinced if he had;nt walked on then he would have had his cock out and wanking it there and then as it happened it would soon happen anyway,as I walked away my hands on my own longing to wank myself.I got to my little secret place and immediately pulled the trunks off and started to wank in earnest.I'm so engrossed in what I'm doing I never even heard him come up behind me,he probably made sure I did'nt,it was just that sudden feeling that I was'nt alone that made me turn around,my cock hard in my hand,he was standing about ten feet away,like me he was naked and like me he was wanking on his twice the size of mine cock.

Now you might think as this was my first sexual experience I'd panic,but not a bit of it,I just stood and watched him wank,enjoying every swing of his low hanging equally large balls,even when he nodded to me to resume wanking myself I obliged.

I think he was surprised when I was the one who made the move towards him and reached for his cock,to this day I have no idea why for somebody who had never even thought about gay sex I wanted to feel his cock and of course once I saw how he reacted to my hand on his cock I instinctively knew he wanted me to wank him off,mind you I was'nt expecting him to spunk so quickly,I'd probably done only about four or five hard rubs on it when he's shooting spunk all over the place,I think I was even a little amused by how quickly he came off.

Of course he quickly put his underpants,which he'd dropped on the sand,back on and left me there to wank myself off.Over the next couple of months I would walk on that beach in my trunks waiting for some of the older men who occasionally came there to have a bit of sex fun to let me help them out,I loved seeing them spunk and never saw it as disgusting,to me it was a lovely natural thing to see a man come off.