Written by James

23 Jul 2009

The video had ended,I did,nt see how it finished,he turned the telly off.He looked at me and smiled,you OK he asked,yes I said and I was.

I,ll show you the rest of the flat he said come on,his cock was atcomplete rest,I felt completely at ease with him.We walked naked to the bedroom,there was a large double bed everything was very neat and tidy.

In the bathroom his undies were neatly lined on a line over the bath,I don,t know why I noticed these things.Have you done it before he asked,his eyes glancing at my cock,I felt myself blush,no I said,you?.

My first time with another man he said,I really had,nt thought about it till I saw you naked once in the changing rooms,there was something about you,it was the first time I felt I was getting an erection seeing another naked man.

I felt good,doing that with you was one of the nicest things I,ve ever done he said.We were in the kitchen,I watched him put the kettle on.He had a really nice body,I was looking at the cheeks of his bottom as he had his back to me.

I felt myself becoming erect almost feeling a little embarrassed,he was so easy,he saw it and just smiled,its OK he said let it happen,do you want me to touch it,not just yet I said my voice shaking a little.

He made us some tea,when he turned around his cock was standing out,not fully erect but it made me feel better obout mine which had become fully erect,you don,t need a video he said laughing in a gentle way.

He put the tea on the table in the lounge sat on the sofa and patted the seat beside him.His cock had gone fully erect pointing straight up from between his legs,I sat beside him.He smiled at me and said can I looking at my erection.

I could,nt speak I just smiled at him,he took that as a yes.Very slowly and very gently his fingers went around my cock,my knees started to tremble yet I found myself moving my legs apart.

His fingers moved down between my legs and felt each of my balls in turn,his touch was so soft.I watched his hand I had never felt pleasure like that in my life.Precum was rising from my exposed head,his fingers moved back up my cock and it causing a jerking reaction.

Please he said looking down at his own now throbbing cock,I felt a bit guilty I,d almost forgotten his needs.He took a deep breath as I took his cock in my hand,our knees touched as he spread his legs apart.

He wanked me slowly,I reciprocated,the tea was forgotten.He leaned towards me,I instinctivly knew he wanted to kiss me,his lips were really soft,I returned his kiss and felt his tongue touch my lips and then push into my mouth.

Our tongues touched as his fingers moved up and down on my cock.He withdrew his tongue,I did,nt really want him to,lets go to bed he whispered,he stood up and took my hand,again I noticed the size of his cock as he stood up,my own looked a little inadequate,but he seemed happy with it.

He turned me backwards to the bed and sat me down gently pushing my shoulders back to a lying position my legs hanging over the side.I watched him go down and let him spread my legs wide apart.His fingers again fondled my balls,I could feel the intense throbbing in my cock.

I was glad when his fingers again started to move up and down.I felt the heat of his breath on the head then the touch of his tongue,my breath was coming in great gulps.His open mouth moved down over me his tongue continueing to pleasure me in a way I,d never known was possible.

I felt dissappointed when he stopped,I want to suck you off again he said,do you want me to.I hardly recognised my own voice as I managed to say yes.His hand held my balls as his mouth moved back over my cock,I had,nt thought what he might be doing with his own cock.

I can hardly recall what exactly he did to my cock with his mouth,all I knew was I was coming again,I usually went a couple of days between wanking myself off suddenly I was coming twice in a matter of an hour.

He sucked my completely off again then quickly climbed on the bed beside me,wank me he said as he put my fingers around his cock,they just fitted.His hand went over mine and squeesed it tightly as we both wanked on his cock.

I felt it explode in my hand,feeling his spunk shooting along it.It was landing on me but I did,nt mind,I rather liked it.I watched the last drops fall from his cock and the throbbing subside,he leaned forward and kissed me again then rolled onto the bed beside me.

We showered later.