Written by BEN

13 Feb 2014

I recently decided to leave the path I had chosen in the service of god.I'm 34 yrs old and until very recently had never indulged in sex with another person,except for the occasional lapse I've remained celebate,allowing my body to find relief during sleep.

Recently my life was completely changed,I was spending a few days at an hotel in Wales,it began as a completely innocent event.I failed to hear a knock on my bedroom door,I had just emerged from the shower in the unfortunate position of being in a state of sexual arousal as a result of the heat and the strength of the shower.

Even though I still find it hard to reconcile myself to such action,I have since becoming a lay person,indulged in ever more frequent masturbating and might well on this occasion have indulged.

The young man, 20,who entered my room with towels seemed much less embarrassed than I was,on the contrary he made what I can only describe as a complimentary gesture towards my erect manhood.

Change sir he said in an accent which suggested he was from foreign parts,taking the bathtowel I was attempting to hide my embarrassment with from my hands.Some force I had never before encountered seemed to have taken hold of my body,I had no control over my embarrassing sexual arousal,on the contrary my untimely erection had hardened to bursting point.

Time seemed to be moving in a different zone,I knew I had my briefs to hand but suddenly my brain was playing tricks on me,it did'nt seem like there could have been time for him to have gone in the bathroom,but he had,he was holding my briefs in his hand,I had had the presence of mind to get the towel back around me.

I have recently pampered myself with some sexy undies,mens undies,from a internet site,purely for my own gratification,he was holding them in his hand in a way though I'd never experienced before was extremely suggestive,he moved his lips back and forward over his lips.

On his intercom phone he told somebody he was cleaning my room,I did'nt know it but I was about to lose my virginity.Again the time element seemed to have changed,even as I watched him remove his teeshirt and pants,everything seemed unreal.

I had never before seen a young mans body in bloom,as he removed his undies which were also petite his manhood ,I can only describe as sprung upwards.He gently pulled the towel from me and as he did so his hand reached and his fingers tightened around my urgently throbbing penis,without thinking I grabbed his hand in both of mine and began to furiously masturbate myself.

He was equally enthuastically masturbating himself,the outcome being that my ejaculation was a mere second or so before we were both emptying onto the floor.

By far the most joyous day of my 34years,even though on reflection it was a bit crude.I offered to help him clean the floor but he would'nt have any of it......He came to my room again that night.