Written by Harry_22

1 Sep 2014

“Pass me that,” I whispered at him, gesturing just past the bedside table to a pot of E45. I was really horny for him now and needed him in more than my mouth. I scooped some out and stroked it into his shaft while I sat up on my haunches. I plunged two fingers into the pot and then opened my legs a little, reaching under to touch the makeshift lube onto my arse hole. The coldness sent a tingle through me, it had been a while since I had taken anything in my arse, but the familiarity of the sensations reassured me that I wanted it. I could see Alex’s face gazing down his body and silently watching, his view being of me wanking his glistening cock with one hand while I figured he could see the silhouette of my hand now pushing two then three fingers up myself. Feeling my tightness compared to the girth in my other hand I fumbled more cream onto my fingers and rubbed it all up and down him. My cock bobbed as I used my fingers in and out motion to open me wide.

I was conscious that I was running the show now a far cry from the usual form of Alex having me wank or blow him. I looked up at him.

“Will you fuck me, Alex?” he gulped and I saw a mixed look on his face.

“You do it,” he answered though it sounded more like a question than an instruction. I responded without words instead I simply adjusted my weight where I crouched so that I settled on my knees, turning to that I straddled his legs as I did so. My cock swung past his, nudging our tips together. I moved up him until his cock stood proud between my legs. This was the moment of truth I thought to myself as with restraint I lowered my body and then bam, like a bolt his fat head pressed on my ring and my heart pounded in my chest.

The small TV still boomed out noised of intergalactic battle but it seemed like the room was silent, we both held our breath as I moved slightly and more slightly as I felt him forcing me open wider still, wider than I had managed with my fingers. We both let out tiny gasps as he pushed in each millimetre or so it seemed. It hurt as he spread me open like this and I held my breath to stifle any noise. My face flushed and my heart raced, which years before I had been told was my body’s attempt to change my mind, to stop this foreign body entering me. With a last dip of my weight though it was me that changed my body’s mind as sensations of being spread wide were replaced with elation as his big member finally broke through fully and his thick greasy shaft massaged my ring as his probing nob filled me up. All if this translated to me breathing out a long and shaky breath and taking my weight better on my arms. Alex was gasping now in rapid short bursts and I smiled thinking about how tight I would feel on him. Moving my hips I slid an inch or two of him in and out and his eyes lit up. I knew how he felt and I continued doing this, slowly increasing the ride until I was letting his cock fuck me in long slow strokes. I was moving quite a bit, but I had no idea how much of him I was taking.

Suddenly there was movement which took me by surprise. Alex grabbed me and pushed me to the side of him, his cock pulling from me. I went to let out a rebuke but then I heard it too, there was quiet talking in the hallway outside, his parents coming to bed. His mum called to ‘turn it down’ and there was an instant sense of relief that she was referring to the TV and nothing more.

“Sure, night!” he called back as if butter would not melt. The mood was gone and Alex slipped out of bed and went to the loo. I figured that would be it for the night, my blood still pulsing round my veins, but as soon as Alex stepped back into the room I could tell that this was not the case. He was still rock hard and he pulled his trackies down, he had washed I noticed as he stood there pointing it straight at me. I could see he was smiling broadly and he reached for the pot of cream from the bed. I was so excited looking at him stand over the bed, rubbing cream over his cock and especially paying attention to his tip it caught he light as he pulled himself around getting cream onto all sides. I was dying to have him take the lead and I was not disappointed.

With just his finger he suggested I stand up. He pulled on my cock as we stood face to face and then with a hand on my shoulder he silently turned me round. With a hand on my back and on my hip, he had me lean forward. My hole was tender from taking him which I only picked up on when he presented his tip there once more. I relaxed my legs and my body in general just in time for him to press on. With much less resistance this time he slid in and I had to bite on my hand to save me from moaning out how good it was. He was thick and hard as he quickly learnt how to get his hips in rhythm. He was fucking me fairly hard and I beaded with sweat on my face as understood that I was getting much more of him now. His long strokes in and out of me were driving me wild, the sliding in filling me up deeply before being replaced by a sense of longing as he drew back out. He only managed a few long full pulls before his breathing changed along with his pace. He was jacking what I pictured as about half of himself in and out of me, I was trying to guess how long it was before he came when his hands grabbed my arse so hard I nearly cried out. He pushed all in and held his position until a tell tale twitching had him pulsing slightly on my hole and I felt the warm gush of his spunk inside me. Like doing a shot of tequila I felt the warmth in me and imagined him shooting squirt of after squirt. He held position deep in me one more time and then with a slight push he let go of his grip on my bum. He pulled from my arse and a cool sensation wafted briefly over my exposed hole. I knelt on the bed, my legs feeling suddenly sore from holding the same position all the time and caught Alex pulling his trackies up and quickly leaving the room.