Written by Giles

11 Jan 2013

I'm Giles it was realy weird reading my story on here,it was my friend Ian from the nearby apartment that showed me this site,after we had sex together the first time,even though he was so considerate I was feeling like I had done something "dirty",I enjoyed what he did to me,I enjoyed seeing him naked and being naked with him but after he'd sucked my cock off I felt really weird,he did'nt ask me to do anything or anything like that except for me to watch him wank himself off,I had never seen anything like that before.

Reading some of the stories on here made me feel better about having sex with another man.That first time after he'd brought himself off(he used his handkerchief to catch his cum)I put my undies back on and he said that it was seeing me at my door in the little briefs that had turned him on,it was a little embarrassing hearing him say something like that,embarrassing in a nice way.

After he left me that night I stood looking at myself in the mirror for ages,I took my undies off again and stood looking at my naked body,not even needing to touch myself to get a hardon,I kept waking up during the night going back over what had happened.

The following night was the same and even during that evening I seemed not to be thinking of anything else except his hands on my body and then,even though it lasted only seconds,him having my cock in his mouth and cumming inside his mouth.I should have wanked but I did'nt want to stop myself feeling so sexy and for me when I cum I stop feeling sexual,I've read stories on here of how men can cum and then carry on having sex,I can't do that.

I met him again in the lift,at first it was really awkward,neither seemed to know what to say,but then as we got to his appartment he asked me if I fancied a drink,he said he would understand if I did'nt,that is one of the nice things about him he is never pushy.

I joined him in his apartment it was the same size as mine,when he asked me what I was feeling about us having sex togather,I think I was being honest when I said I enjoyed it,thats when he showed me on his pc sex sites of men having sex together and this site with stories on,I don't know if he was intending to get me going sexually but thats what happened,I think that not having wanked since he had sucked me off had an effect on me.

When he touched my face with his fingers moving them onto my lips I knew I wanted to have sex with him again.In minutes we were both naked,we both had erections and when he put his arms around me holding the cheeks on my bottom and pulled us tightly together,I could feel both our cocks throbbing against one another,we were kissing each other,it was the first time I had ever been sexually kissed.

We were on his bed and for some time we just entwined our naked bodys around each other,I have no real memory of my uni days sex,I can't remember wanking his cock,now wanking Ians cock felt like it was the first time I'd ever done it,it was awesome.He eased things down every so often he did'nt want things to end too soon,and we would just sit there on the bed,both still having full hardons as he told me about some of his sexual encounters,he admitted that he had started off as a young man having sex in public toilets with older men,but ended up getting married because that was what men did then,men were'nt allowed to admit they were gay,however much they enjoyed sex with another man.

It was the first time I experienced the sensation of feeling a cock throbbing in my mouth,it makes me feel a little disloyal writing about one of the most perfect moments of my life,we found ourselves in the "69" position and it seemed the most loving and natural thing in the world to take his beautiful cock into my mouth as I felt the heat of his encase mine.

Time meant nothing,it seemed like both our bodys exploded at the same time,without doubt the most magnificent moment of my life,Ian and I accept that what we have is'nt a relationship as such,we don't intend to live together or anything,we are both enjoying just having this time together and for me I don't think I've ever felt so happy in my life.

The funny thing is that one of his loves are sexy undies and I have dressed in girls undies for him to take some glamour photos.