Written by amatuerman

1 May 2011

Tom fell on his knees and I thrust my crotch towards his face, ' you need the real thing I said not a cam"

His hands moved up, one nipping my fly the other opening my belt, I lay back resting against his ladder and let him explore, he was very eager, in no time he was massaging my hardening pens, slow at first then moving more rapidly until finally I was fully erect.

J then sensed a warm feeling opening my eyes, Tom began to suck on my cock, it was fantastic as he swallowed more and picked up speed.

He stopped, " can I get naked" he asked, 'sure" was my reply, he stood up and dropped his tracks bottoms revealing a very large bulge in his boxer shorts, my hand moved over the bulge rubbing it firmly ' easy, I'll Cum' he said and began sucking on my cock. I could feel an eruption stirring warning him I was about to shoot, he took more of my cock in his mouth creating what I can only describe as a vacuum and sucked faster. I couldn't hold back any longer and released a number of heavy thick spurts into his mouth.

Tom will be here for a week, so I'll share more with you,

If your lucky, we may go on cam, we have before whilst he was tiling my kitchen.