Written by Vyner

5 May 2013

I have had few bi meetings, probably 25 or 30 over the last 15 years. I can't be outed though not many men can admit to their wives they cross dress and have meets, but my wife knows I have sucked cock in the past. I love dressing in stockings and heels, I love the air around my small cock and I love the feeling of a tight bra around my chest. The neighbour over the road is very nosey, always looking out of her bedroom window. On more than one occasion She had seen me dressed to thrill from across the road.She is about 60 and widowed. I have strutted about the bedroom in stockings etc and she stood at her window transfixed. Following a few hours on the SH site I had arranged a meeting. The guy arrived quickly and for once I took my visitor up stairs. I dropped my dressing gown to reveal my black stockings, red high heeled shoes and black lacy bra. He went to close the curtains and I stopped him. No lets just do it here I said. He undressed and knelt on the bed. I glanced across our narrow road, she was watching the whole thing. I took his rock hard cock in my mouth not taking my eyes off her.She was pressed right up against her bedroom window. I was cramming him into my mouth with my arse in the air, I told him to stand up on the bed. He stood open legged and fucked my mouth. I glanced across and could not believe my eyes. The nosey neighbour had removed her top and was rubbing her tits through her bra, but more shockingly was the fact her next door neighbour was also in her front bedroom and also watching me suck cock. As I was wanking I came almost instantly and concentrated getting the hot come in my mouth. My visitor came quickly and after a quick tidy up he left. The original nosey neighbour has never said anything but still says hello and waves,but the other one did comment to me a few days later about the scene. She said it was amazing the fantastic things you could see during the week simply by gazing out of the window and she would be doing it more often. She said if I knew if there would be anything unusual to see I should give her notice.