Written by Occasionally BI

19 Jul 2009

So firstly me, as anyone who's read my others posts on here will know I am predominantly a straight guy who loves going with girls but never seems to hold a relationship. Sex with girls is not always possible or avaliable so I then turn to guys who always seem to be avaliable lol.

I was on my home from visiting my parents I'd been horny since I woke up that morning and being 35 decided I was a bit old for wanking at my folks place thus here was I driving down the M4 with a permanant pole in my pants. Theres a well frequented cottage and cruising area just off junction 18 A46 Bath and as the slip road approached it was like my cock was doing the driving and i found myself pulling into the carpark it was around 7pm theres a wooded area where I'd been before and where most of the action seems to take place so I left the car and walked deep into the woods. there were a few men hiding behind trees but as I get a bit nervy in these places i kept walking till i got to a bit deeper cover.

As I reached a dense patch of woodland I noticed a young chav guy watching me stroking his cock it wasnt huge but a fair size with a nice foreskin, I was about to go over and suck him when i saw another guy he was a bit older mid 40's I'd say I didnt really care as he was stroking a massive peice of meat I instantly changed direction and headed for this cock on legs bending over to take it in my mouth I opened wide and took as much in as I could then eased off and licked it he took it and started slapping my face with the head god he was big I put my lips over it again and he started a slow rocking that progressed to a hard face fucking I gagged but carried on with I think he liked as he thrust deeper into my throat making me gag some more sometimes pulling my head right onto it and holding me there with his bellend virtually in my stomache i was oblivios to the outside world at this point so i didnt notice that now there was quite some audience gathering around us I felt hands round my waiste undoing my belt buckle and jeans pulling both down at once some lube squirted at the top of my crack and dribble down to my hole then a cock pushed into me I was loving this the guy behind me who? I had no idea picked up his pace a bit forcing me onto the hammer in my mouth which I felt grow slightly and get even firmer then with one long thrust which again he held I felt the torrents of hot creamy cum shoot down my throat there was no doubt about spit or swallow here I was swalling the lot whether I wanted it or not (but I did) I drained the cock in my mouth while the cock in my arse carried on pumping the guy who had just shot his load pulled out of my mouth and zipped up ruffling my hair in thanks as he walked away 2 more guys from the watchers came forward and both presented me with their tools i greedily grabbed both and double sucked them the fucking was getting harder and faster and I soon felt the guy in my arse cum the second he'd finished he pulled out and was gone I hadnt seen his face once. I felt another cock first touch my hole then drive straight in up to the hilt doing what they always do to me turn me into a complete whore for a few minutes I gasped as the cock pulled out and then thrust back into me then one of the cocks i was sucking shot a huge glob of spunk on my face then several more I felt so filthy and the poppers were making my head spin i just closed my eyes and was lost to the world the guy fucking me pulled me up still inside me and moved me over to a fallen tree bending me down and fuckingme even harder the remaining guy I was sucking retook his position in front of me and slapped his cock on my mouth before pushing it back in this one long stroke set him off and he pumped cum down my throat and pulled out to splash and mix his cum with already on my face he took a deep breath said thanks and then he too like the others walked off the guy fucking me was really going for it now and slapping my arse calling me a whore and asking me if I liked his big cock up my arse in between deep breaths I told him I loved it yeah you do he said your my bitch now boy and your gonna take it hard he fucked me and I think we were alone for about 5 mins when I looked up to see another chav like lad grabbing his cock and watching from a distance then i noticed the first chav was there too. the guy fucking me hard now said your gonna get my cum now he and whipped out his cock pulled me back down to my knees and whacked his meat wildly he held me by my hair my face close to the slit on his cock then shot and i do mean shot fluds of the hottest thickest junkall over my face I know had 3 loads dripping down my face & neck and was feeling pretty well...fucked I guess is the right word to use my fucker had left and I took a minute to get my breath back realising that i hadn't cum or even touched my own cock throughout this whole episode, It was then that the two chav guys came over they got their cocks out the new one being much bigger than the first a good 8.5 inches big dick wiped his cock on my face smearing the spunk over my lips and his cock he then made way for his mate who grabbed me quite roughly and rammed his cock in my mouth the the other now behind me reached round and used my cock to direct my arse into range then he like the first fucker rammed his spunk lubed cock deep into me in one go I would of screamed but for the cock in my mouth the both used me as their fuck toy swapping ends several times before one then the other shot the loads deep inside me which was my first realisation that niether had condoms on when the finished they laughed at me cum dripping from my face and oozing out of my arse I scooped a bit up and stroked my cock with it just a few strokes before I exploded with I think the most intense orgasm i have ever experienced I have a huge fantasy now about being used and fucked by scally and chav lads fuck and go boys using all that young teen energy to fuck me hard and fast then 10 minutes later do it again.

I started this story by saying I am prodominantly straight and that remains true but every now and then I love going in to the woods.