Written by Cleverer_trevor

31 May 2008

I\'ve been married but am now divorced. I never realised i had a bi side untill i went to a toilet in the local town and went into a cubicle. I noticed a hole in the partition wall and rather than being disgusted or annoyed i became very aroused at the idea of being spied upon.

I quickly undid my trousers and made a point of lingering near the hole so that when i pulled down my trousers and pants my already swelling cock would spring in to view of anyone watching.

I sat down and waited nervously, my stiff cock oozing pre cum as i waited in anticipation.

Nothing happened so i bent forwad slowly until i could look through the hole - frightened but excited. I could see a large cock being slowly wanked and stroked and i found myself getting harder and wetter.

I stood and again manouvered so that my cock would be visible.

Nothing happened until i sat down again... all of a sudden a large and very erect cock was pushed through the hole in the wall. It had a cock ring at it\'s base.

I felt the incredible urge to bend or kneel and take it into my mouth but alas, panicked and hastily dressed and left.

This happened years ago and I get hard every time i think back with regret that i did not succomb to my natural desire and lust.

I wank over fantasies of having a second chance, of being led by the owner of the cock back to his apartment, being given a glass of champagne and being asked to dress in a short skirt, black stockings, suspenders and knickers.

I do so.... hardly able to keep my stiff cock within the confines of the little black g string knickers he has laid out in his bedroom for me.

When i return to the lounge in the a blouse, the skirt and underwear he is sat with a glass of wine in his hand still fully dressed. he is about 55yrs old and very smart and cultured in appearance. He says \"Look what I brought home\" and i notice a younger male 6\'0\" tall, slim, muscular build sat in the corner of the room staring at me.

\"Nice\" says the younger male and stands and begins to circle me gazing at me and at my cock jutting against the front of the skirt.

He calmly undoes his trousers and steps out of them, a jutting cock equally as large as his companion\'s springing in to view as he removes his shirt.

\"You like cock bitch .... eat this\" he says calmly and stands with his hands on his hips. \"On your knees\".

I kneel and hlding his cock with my right hand guide it to me lips. I lick and suck and feel his hand on my head forcing me deeper on to his cock.

I feel movement and hands behind me and feel the skimpy knickers being slid down exposing my arse and cock. As I continue to suck and wank the cock in my mouth which seems to get bigger with every suck i feel metal against my back as the blouse is cut from my back.

A tongue explores my bottom and a hand grasps my cock from behind.

\"Is he tight?\" asks the owner of the cock i am feeding on.

\"Mmmm very. Virgin arse I believe\"

\"Raffle? Or auction?\"

\"Auction I think\" says the older man.

AS i look up confused as the cock in my mouth is removed I see the younger male holding out a pair of handcuffs attached to a metal bar.

\"Give me your hands\" he demands and I immediately obey.

The cold metal cuffs click on to my wrists nd my hands and arms are held apart, first in front of me and then above my head as I am pulled to my feet. The bar is attached to a hook in the ceiling and I am on my tip toes, hands restrained above my head.

The young male pinches my nipples and says \"Mmm should get a good price\"

A loud murmur of voices can be heard approaching behind me and a stream of well dressed men in diner jackets enter the room escorted by the older male from the toilet.

\"Virgin arse, gentlemen. Likely to squeal a bit but obviously ready and willing given the eagerness he has hitherto shown. What am I bid?\"

Perhaps to be continued ?