Written by Bi in Spain

31 Aug 2009

I recently was working in Vigo, Spain and found an adult video and sex shop called Picante on Calle Principe in Vigo. I went in for a look around and wandered upstairs to the video booths. There are about four private video booths on the left hand side of a small passage, but more on the right hand side. All the rooms on the right hand side have large gloryholes which have a hinged door which can be opened or closed from both sides. I noticed that there was a lot of action, and did a bit of cock sucking but as I had no condoms with me I eventually left.

A couple of days later I returned with a suppy of condoms and lube. All the rooms with gloryholes were occupied, so I went for a quick wank and watch a couple of gay movies to really get me in the mood. After about ten minutes I heard some doors opening and closing and went out to find two rooms empty. In I went and locked the door and put my money in to start the vidoes. I opened both of the hinged doors on either side and found that one was closed, but in the other room a young guy of about 25 was wanking his hard uncut cock which was about 6". He was completely naked. I quickly undressed and his hand came through the hole and felt my cut cock which was now getting nice and hard. He pulled me towards the hole and soon I felt his warm mouth surrounding my cock. After a while he released my cock and pushed his cock through the hole which I quickly took into my mouth. He had a beautiful long foreskin which I really liked, maybe because I am cut and therefore love the feeling of a nice foreskin moving up and down a guys cock when wanking or sucking him. After a while he pulled back and turned around to show me his man-pussy. He then asked if he could join me, quickly got dressed and soon I heard a knock on my door.

He came in and I helped him strip off his T-shirt and shorts. We were both naked and held each other close, cocks rubbing agsainst each other. He pulled our cocks together and pulled the foreskin of his cock over my cock and wanked us together. The feeling was wonderful. He asked if I wanted to fuck him, and he did not have to ask twice. I gave him the lube and as fast as possible got a condom onto my cock. He had lubed up his man-pussy and I insert first one, then two then three fingers into him while he gently wanked my cock. Then he turned around and bent over opening up his hole for me. I am not big, only about 5", but with a rather large head. I pushed against his hole and after a little resistance, I was all the way inside him and started moving. Even though I am not big, he had a nice tight hole. He was moaning and pushing back to meet my forward thrusts. I reached around and started wanking his foreskin up and down. He was leaking loads of precum and the feeling of his foreskin moving was making me more excited.

He then indicated to me that someone was in his previous room and soon a large hard cock of about 8" was thrust through the hole and he started sucking this guy off. I had forgotten about the room behind me and nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand grabbing my swinging balls followed by a finger trying to probe my tight arsehole. I have only been fucked a couple of times in the past and therefore am very tight and need a lot of lube before taking anything in my arse. I managed to grab the tube of lube off the chair and passed it back to the guy in the room behind me and soon felt the cold lube on my arse and a finger slowly entering me. I was in heaven as I continued to pump into my new friends hole. He was thrusting harder and harder back to meet my forward thrusts and his head was bobbing up and down on the fat cock that he was sucking on. The fingers that were playing with my hole were withdrawn and I felt something larger probing my hole. I felt around and my hand closed over a large fat condom covered cock. Due to my movements and the wooden panel between the rooms, I was not sucessful in getting his cock into me. I was getting closer and closer to the point of no return and while wanking my new buddies cock I felt him swell and was shooting jet after jet of cum. His man-pussy tightened around my cock and I shot my load into my condom covered cock deep inside him.

He was still sucking on the cock from the other room. I pulled out of him and turned around and after pulling of the condom started sucking on the hugh cock that had tried to enter me. Once I saw the size, I knew that I would not have been able to take him in my arse. He was so big that I could not close my hand around his cock, but I managed to get his head into my mouth and started sucking on him. Within a couple of minutes I felt him stiffen and then felt load after load of thick cum enter my mouth. He quickly pulled back and closed his hinged door.

My new fuck buddy had also finished sucking and we held each other close and shared a spunky kiss. We got dressed and after exchanging phone numbers, went our seperate ways. However, during my four months of living in Vigo, I met up with him numerous times and we also spent time together at each others apartments. I also went back and had many more encounters at the very active video sex shop.