Written by Sometimes BI

1 Sep 2009

I hadn't been with a guy for some time and come to think of it hadnt been with a girl for while either so maybe i was just horny for anything I tuerned up at Haldon Forrest a popular dogging site to see what action could be found I got there quite late but there were a few cars about no couples just guys a few out of their cars lots of smoking going on it was a foggy night which all added to the excitement for me as you could hardly see a hand in front of you.

A car pulled up next to me and an older guy got out and started chatting with me he wasnt really my type but I was so horny so when he asked me if i wanted to go somewhere a bit quieter with him i agreed we found a secluded wooded area and both got out our cars and walked a little into the woods he knelt down straight away and got my cock out which was soft at this time but grew quickly when he put it in his mouth he was obviously gay not bi telling me how hot my body was and asked me if i would fuck him now although i am predominantly straight Im actually very sub when im with a guy and prefer to be fucked which i told him he looked a bit disapointed but continued sucking me he then rose to his feet and spun me round I thought this could get interesting as he slick my arse with some lube and handed me some poppers as he covered his cock with a condom I took a hit which i loved and lent over a hand rail that was near by he entered me and fucked me with some force which mixed with the poppers felt amazing he only had a small cock but the force he was using it with felt good and the poppers made me feel so dirty this carried on for a while then he pulled out whipped the condom off pushing me down to the ground and shooting him cum all over my face, he thanked me and left me there pants round my ankles and cum on my face I didnt mind too much as i was still very horny and in need of some more i returned to the carpark now a lot quieter just a coupl of cars. worked up from my first session and a little bolder i got out the car and lent on it playing with my cock a guy got out his car and we had a little play him sucking me and then me him he had a great cock perfect for fucking i thought but sadly he was after the same as me so dissapeared for a drive around in search, as he left another car pulled in and another guy got out we chatted a little and decided to go some where a little quieter he jumped in my car just as the first guy returned in his he asked if he could join us which we were both up for we found a different place from my first encounter and walked a little into the woods it was pitch black and incredibly horny as all 3 of us stripped I was pushed down first and was great by a massive cock from my new friend and the nice fuckable one from the other both were shoved in my mouth and what followed was 30 minutes of crazy hot sucking between all 3 of us i was desperate to be fucked but only had one condom the other bottom never had any, I roughly shoved my finger up his arse and sucked his cock hard sending him over the edge and into a noisy orgasm shooting some sweet tasting cum into and over my mouth I rose kepping the cum in my mouth and kissed the other guy passing him the cum which he took eagerly licking the rest off my face the spent guy left and now i was ready for my fucking i gave the guy the condom too a hit of poppers and waited for that missive cock to enter me sadly we had no lube and as he pushed in the condom burst completly spoiling my fun as it was the only one. so it was back to the sucking we both came me swallowing his down greedily and me shooting over his face he wiped it up with his finger and made me lick it off him.

I dont do things very often and rarley like that but It was great being so filthy in the dark woods I'd love to hook up with some tops for another session like that sometime leave me a comment here if you'd like to arrange something my only condition is its in the woods away from the main track so we can be as filthy as you like