Written by occasionally BI

30 Jun 2009

I went to a nudist beach the other day to make the most of this great sunshine and improve my all over tan, I walked so far up the pebbled beach stripped off and enjoyed the rays on my body my cock playing up a bit meant i had to sit up for a while using my legs to cover my hard on it obviously hadnt worked as I had attracted a bit of attention I looked over to my left to see 2 guys watching me 1 wanking the other then to my left another old man appeared keeping his distance but close enough for me to see his hard on nothing happened and as the day drew on I found myself being one of only 3 guys left on the beach.

1 guy about the fittest of all of them came over and started chatting to me stroking his cock from soft to hard i mentioned his impressive cock about 7 inches i would say and he said its a lot more impressive when its buried deep in someones arse this forwardness took me aback but also made me very horny he said and looking at how hard your cock just got I think you\'d like to find out walk with me further u the beach.

We strolled for about 5 minutes to a completly deserted stretch of beach and he pushed me down to his cock grabbing the back of my hair and forcing my mouth onto him he face fucked me for a while then told me to turn around put my head in the towel and wait I did and soon felt some cold lube he didnt finger me to loosen things up back there i dont get fucked often so am pretty tight but placing the tip of his lubed cock at my hole slowly nudge in a little using his cock to lube my hole he got about half way in then thrust shoving his full length up me and making me wince with pain but he was only interested in his own pleasure by now and carried on fucking me slapping my arse every now and then to let me know i was his for the taking, like the 7 inches of hot cock in my arse haddnt told me this already after a while he pulled out turned me over and shifting position above my head shoved his cock right down my throat causing me to gag which he loved encouraging me to choke on his cock he thrust once more very deep before i felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat he pulled his cock up splashing an impressive load on my face and in my mouth telling me to eat it all using his cock to move his cum around to my lips so i didnt miss a drop when he finished he told me i was a good little slut and next time he would tell his mates so that they could use me too I felt so dirty and used afterwards being a bi guy but also very turned on he left and i cleaned up as i stood up i realised that i hadnt cum as i walked back down the beach still rock hard i noticed the older guy from before he beckoned me over and took my cock in his mouth shoving 2 fingers up my now stretched and oiled bum this had the effect i had been craving making me cum so much the old guy had to pull off m cock and i spurted and decent load onto his face finally sated I strolled slowly back to the car wondering if anyone had see what had just gone on

Might have to pop back there again