Written by Hhlover75

5 Jun 2010

I'm a married male and happy but often get the urge to be on my knees And fucked by a man at least twice my age.

I spend most afternoons keeping shaved smooth and dressings in a black basque, slutty stockings and full make up. I love to admirer my slutty look. Once I'm dressed up I then lube my arsehole, finger myself for a bit then i get out a selection of toys.

I have a big sucker based dildo that I stick down and mount myself upon. After a few pushes and it's in, I love it when its deep instead me and I can feel the balls rubbing against my cheeks. There is nothing like the feeling of being full and after about 30 minutes of riding up and down balls deep I'm ready to explode.

My ideal fantasy is I am a mature mans bitch. The thought of sucking a mature cock after and before I've been fucked sends me to heaven. When I'm riding my dildos I close my eyes and imagine that real man meat deep inside me. His hands would rub my stocking clad legs whilst he is telling me what a slut I am. He could fuck me in all sorts of positions but I think my favourite would be on all fours. I have lots of outfits and I love PVC and rubber especially.

Once he is ready he can fill me with his seed, what a feeling that would be to have my hole filled with my mans cum. I'm hard now thinking about it.

Well that is my fantasy, maybe it will happen one day....hope you liked it!