22 Jun 2017

This is a true story about a very horny afternoon spent cruising/dogging in a bi/gay location in MK a couple of years ago, which sadly has now been closed to cars following the installation of barriers, which is tragic, as it was a very hot place, with constant MM action.

Anyhow, I had met a young fit gay guy there previously and enjoyed some great mutual fun, following which we swapped phone numbers and then arranged a Sunday afternoon meet up in the same place. I arrived about an hour early thinking that I could observe the fun which would surely be kicking off on a summer's Sunday afternoon and get into the mood.

The location was a cul de sac picnic venue, not that anyone ever took a packed lunch there ;-) , with a thin wooded area running parallel to the tarmac, this meant that you could sit and watch folk moving within the woodland very easily from your car and then join or avoid. It was perfect, in fact if you were designing a cruising place from scratch, this would be it!!

So, I was sat there when a jogger came along and then started doing some warm down exercises in the tarmac area. I wondered if he was a genuine jogger who didn't know what this location offered or if that was a ruse to get away from his old lady for some man fun. As I watched I admired his athletic body, his tight bum cheeks and groin were well shaped through his tight shorts. After some stretching I was delighted to see him head into the woods, this could only mean one thing, because it couldn't be used as a cut through to anywhere else. I gave him a minute or two then left my car and walked ahead of him before entering the woods and then turned back to hopefully meet him.

The plan worked perfectly, because as I cut through the bushes, there he was ahead of me stretching against a tree, as I got closer to him, he said Hi and I took that as final confirmation as to what he was there for, so I rubbed the front of my shorts and my already excited cock started to grow quickly. My jogger friend responded and I could see his cock getting erect through his shorts and then he pulled them up and over his hard, shaved cock which sprang out, looking magnificent. I closed in and took his lovely, hard uncut cock in my hand and he then rubbed my cock through my shorts and started to make an effort to get inside. However, I had a meeting lined with my sexy gay friend soon, so could not run the risk of losing my large load which I had built for the occasion, so I explained to him, that I was offering a blow job, but wanted nothing in response, which he seemed happy with.

I dropped to my knees, pulled his shorts down over his muscled thighs so that they got below his knees and pushed his cock up so that I could lick his balls, which smelt fresh aside of the apparent jogging, I then ran my tongue up his full length until I reached his large wet bell end and then proceeded to suck and mouth fuck his lovely, hard mid sized cock. As I was doing this I was aware that another guy, 40s, clean and fit had positioned himself about 10 yards away and was wanking his cock through his fly. I was now into full flow on this gorgeous cock and my oral lover started to groin, I could feel his cock twitch and shortly afterwards I felt a little hot salty cum on my tongue then followed by a lovely stream which filled my eager mouth. I swallowed, cleaned up the rest of the man cream from his cock and then he pulled up his shorts, thanked me, saying it was a lovely blow job, I told him it was my pleasure, which it was and we both moved away. He jogged off having got what he was looking for and I got back to my car waiting for my gay friend to arrive, now super horny, I only had about 20 minutes to wait!

Soon after, he arrived, parked in front of my car and we walked into the woods, but headed to an area at the top end which is a little bit more private than were I had previously been. Now my friend and I had shared some texts during the day and we were really horny for each other. As soon as we got to the place we had decided to use we both got naked, shorts and shirts removed straight away, such a horny feeling, being in the nude, in the great outdoors, with a fit and good looking guy stood in front of me, with a now very hard cock. I do not fuck with guys, my friend knew that, so the action was entirely oral and wanking, it was wonderful, we both took time on our knees and sucking the other's cock in rotation, this went on for some time and eventually while he was fucking my mouth, I felt him twitch and as he was about to cum I could see the same guy who had watched me suck the jogger, again watching and not far away, then it happened, a second spurt of lovely hot tasty cum for the afternoon. Again I swallowed it all, it was so horny.

After his orgasm had concluded, it was my time and so he took my twitching cock in his wet mouth and gave me more of his wonderful BJ technique and as I felt the beginnings of my cumming I could hear our voyeur getting closer, then he was right behind me and he reached between my bum cheeks and cupped my balls as I shot my hot cum, powerfully into my gay lovers mouth, which he swallowed enthusiastically. It was a wonderful orgasm and afternoon!

What a shame that place isn't there anymore, the MK members will know exactly where I am talking about and sadly I do not know of a decent alternative in the area for this summer, maybe you could let me know if you do!!