Written by Occasionally Bi

11 Mar 2011

Theres a cruising spot I go to every now and then when I get the urge to be a bit of a cum slut its not that often but when it comes I have to address it otherwise I spend most of my days and night sat here wanking and thinking about it.

So last night I was driving home and passing the spot called. Up until last night I hadn't been fucked this year so knew I was tight and felt like I need it I sat in the car next to the wooded area a dark forest that stretches back and gets darker the further you go.

I didn't see anyone going in there but knew there must be a few as there were empty cars park all around me, so got out and ventured into the darkness. I wasnt long in there before I heard a branch snap until someones foot and headed towards the noise I saw a guy's shadow and as i approached he turned his back and dropped his trousers my cock was already rock hard just from the excitement of being there and he grabbed hold of it and tried to shove it up his arse i pulled away and explained that I was there for a good fucking too to which he mumbled something i guess not complimentary, pulled up his trousers and disappeared into the dark.

I walked around in the cold and dark for a bit longer when a hoodie guy approached me I have a big thing for hoodie and chavs especially straight ones they just take what they want and go and can get quite verbal sometimes. I saw his face he was an Asian lad but again he wanted the same as me i was beginning to think with so many bottom lads in the woods there wasn't going to be enough tops to und so went back toward my car to sit in the warm for a bit just as I approached the opening in the trees I noticed another hoodied young lad talking to an older looking guy, I had already commited to going to the car so did so and watched them walk into the woods the young hoodie looking back at me as they did. I gave it a couple of minutes before gatting out and going backin the woods walking further in where there trees are denser, and saw the silhouette of the older man and a hooded head bobbing up and down on his cock I stood a decent distance away and undid my jean rubbing m cock through my jock strap something I always wear on these occasions it lets guys know what i'm there for. As I stood and watched them switch from oral to kissing I got the feeling that this would end in the hoodie getting fucked but after a passionate kiss they zipped up and walked towards me I dropped my jeans straight away and bent forward taking the rubbing the hoodies cock through his jeans which he soon released and pushed into my mouth, the older guy had notice my jock and started rubbing my arse then I heard the sound of a condom packet opening and knew I was gonna get what I wanted. It's not often I get fucked before I have sucked the cock but at this stage I had no idea how big the cock that was about to enter me was and although I had lubed my arse in the car when I felt the size of his bell end push my hole and the sharp pain I knew it hadn't used enough I quickly moved forward and spat as much as icould in my hand opening myself up I knew this guy was gonna fuck me and knew it would hurt if I didn't do something i spat some more and felt him pushing into me again this time getting past my hole and with a bit more effort sliding inside me i let out a long dirty sigh as he bottomed out and then drew his cock back a little it felt good. I had lifted my mouth off the hoodies cock as the older guy had entered me but now he was in the hoodie grabbed my hair not hard but forcefully and pulled me back down onto his cock I took it right down it was a nice cock 6 + inches and tasted amazing he fucked my face as the older guy fucked my arse and I was moaning to God and oh yessing quite a bit after a bit of this the hoodie pulled out of my mouth and joined the older man behind me I obviously couldn't see what was happening but knew when the older guys cock was presented to my mouth that I was gonna get fucked by the hoodie which as I mentioned before just does something for me he wasted no time ramming his cock straight up to the hilt and started fucking me like mad and Oh God Yes it felt good as I took this young hooded stud deep inside me the older man fucked my face not for long though as he threw his head back grabbed the back of mine forced his cock and his spunk deep down my throat.

This must of made me clench my arse as i heard an appreciative moan behind me, chav lad pulled his cock of me and I felt his hot jizz shoot over my arse if he had cum in me I think It would of hit me in the throat there was so much and such force he wiped his softening cock up and down my hole moving the cum about and I straightened up they both thanks me but I said no no beleive me the pleasure was mine I could of been tag teamed by those two all night, they left going there seperate ways as i scooped what was left of hoodies cum from my arse and used it to wank myself to my own powerful orgasm it took me a good 30 minutes to stop going hmmm and breathing heavily.

I do love an anonymous tag team fucking in the dark by complete strangers especially when theres a hooded chav involved.