Written by Paviours

16 Dec 2008

I arranged to meet Graham after a fair few emails and filthy phone calls. I was looking forward to the fucking of my life, never before had i felt such trepidation at what i was about to receive.I found Grahams house and duly parked up out side, as i approached the house i felt a sense of excitement at what was going to happen. All we had decided on were my boundaries and a safe word and the rest was left up to Graham.I rang the doorbell and waited,the door opened to reveal a balding overweight guy of about 5ft11\" and in his early fifties. The door was shut and i was ordered to follow the master, we entered a bedroom where i was ordered to strip and put on a rubber mask and some black stockings. The master then put a collar and chain on me and lead me down some stairs to a cellar room. The master put the chain through the ring on the wall and departed the room, it gave me a chance to compose myself and take in my surroundings, the room was quite large and well lit, on the floor was one of those blue rectangular paddling pools a double mattress and an armchair, there was also a wooden chest. The room smelt a bit fusty and damp, my thoughts were soon stopped by the sound of the door opening. In walked the master but he was not on his own there was another man with him, he looked about the same sort of age as the master but had more hair he to was more than a little bit overweight.They were both naked apart from leather harnesses and boots , my little cock started to twitch as the excitement was building and my breathing became heavy. The other man sat in the chair and the master came for me.Right you fucking cock slut, he released the chain and pulled me down to the floor. Masters cock was now right in front of my face even though it was still flaccid it hung down like a banana, master started to slap it around my rubber clad face.Open your fucking mouth you worthless cocksucker, as i opened my mouth his cock slid in , it was already growing in size as it slid in and out. It tasted and felt amazing there was so much slobber that it was running down the mask and onto my chest,master then withdrew from my mouth and ordered me onto all fours , he then came around to the front of me and got on all fours himself he then ordered me to rim his arse. It tasted so good as i probed his arse with my tongue, there were some sudden flashes as i realised that the other man was taking some photo\'s this only made me feel even dirtier. After a few minutes of arse licking master got to his feet and shoved his cock back into my mouth. You love sucking cock don\'t you he said, all i could do was groan with a mouthful of cock shoved down my throat.

Master then dragged me to my feet and bent me over the chair, i heard the lid go on the wooden chest and the next thing i knew i felt some thing sticky being applied to my arse. I\'m going to fuck your arse with my seven inch cock you cock whore said my master. He teased a finger into my hole and then two and three, in and out they went until i was sufficiently lubed i was then ordered onto all fours on the floor. I felt the tip of masters cock enter my arse and ease itself in, he got into a rhythm and started to pump harder, my arse had never felt so full i thought i was going to pass out.How much would you like another big cock said the master, i could barely talk from the pounding i was getting i just managed to say oh god yes. Tell me you want more cock demanded master, i want more cock i said as loud as i could. The second man knelt down in front of me and offered me his cock without a word. It was smaller than masters but still very thick, i took him into my mouth and in no time i was being pumped from both ends. Masters belly was banging into me with every forward thrust . This seemed to go on for ages with them swapping round and taking turns at both ends.

Finally the fucking stopped and they got to their feet, i lay wasted on the floor, my master and his friend removed their rubbers and came back over to me. We\'re not done with you yet slut and they dragged me over to the paddling pool and knelt me in it, they removed my rubber mask and stood either side of me . Suck cock you slut said master , i sucked them simultaneously for what seemed like ages before they shot streams of cum in my mouth and over my face, it tasted sublime and i couldn\'t get enough of it.I started to use my fingers to mop the rest of the cock juice up but my master snapped at me,we\'ll clean you up in our own way you slut, They told me to stay kneeling with my face held up and my mouth open, the next thing i knew there was a torrent of piss hitting me, my mouth was full in no time and master ordered me to swallow it. It was warm and salty and i was drenched in it.Master ordered me to hoover the piss up with my mouth from the bottom of the pool which i did gladly,i was then ordered to spit it up into the air so it all came down over my face again. Masters friend then joined me in the piss pool he took my head in his hands and pulled me towards his face our mouths entwined as we french kissed and his tongue probed my mouth for piss his fat naked body pressing against mine.He stood up and my master joined him they presented their cocks to me again as they both pumped my mouth until my mouth was filled with thick creamy cum and this time i swallowed the lot. Lie down in the piss and wank yourself off you cock slave said my master. I duly obliged and that brought my session to an end, I stayed for tea and we all agreed it was the best session any of us had had, we can\'t wait till next time and Graham says there\'s lots more items in the wooden chest. So till next time.