Written by palmskin

25 Mar 2013

After a period of general laziness, this year I have got back in to mountain biking. There are many tracks, hills and woods nearby so I can just get my bike out and go for a few hours. I actually like it more when the weather is bad, as long as you've got the right kit you can stay reasonably dry and warm.

The quiet unadopted road I normally ride up which opens on to the heath has houses dotted along it. I sometimes see one of the residents tending his garden or parking his car. We have exchanged nods, hellos and short chats, I'd say he is about 55, silvering hair, obviously looks after himself and judging by his demeanour (and the size of his house) I think he has his own business or exec job.

Last Saturday (as you know) it was bloody cold and already rain/sleeting when I left home. I took my usual route up to the heath and was out for about an hour and a half. I went a bit further than normal and was really wet and cold, so instead of looping round I decided to head back the way I'd come.

As I came down the road I saw the guy unloading his car, I wanted to get home but I had to slow right down because a dog walker had let her dog off the lead and it was excitedly jumping up at me. The guy caught my eye and smiled so I moved over to him and let the dog walk on.

He could see that I was cold and wet and he offered me a cup of tea and a warm fire to thaw me out. Although my house is only another ten minutes away, I accepted. I should point out that I am forty and although married I've had bi encounters infrequently since I was a teenager. So I sensed something going on here. I parked my bike by his back door and we went in. There was a wood burning stove, which he loaded up with more logs. So I stood next to it and soon had a mug of tea in my hand. I could see him looking intently at me while we made small talk about this shit spring weather etc. My shoes, socks and trousers were dripping and he suggested I hang them over a rail. I had my cycling shorts on underneath so I did. He was discretely watching as I striped down to my shorts. I instinctively turned so he could watch without me seeing and also show him my bum as I bent over.

It was clear that my shorts were also wet and I guess he could read my signals, because he suggested I take them off too. I was very excited but nervous. He was still watching me and chatting in a friendly way. After a few moments he suggested I take a hot shower pointing to an open door off the corridor. I hesitated, then thought fuck it. What was starting to turn me on was the fact that he was still fully dressed and evidently enjoying the show, he had a confident mature way about him.

I got into the shower, but left the door open. I knew he would follow me in and after a few minutes I looked round to find him watching me. He just smiled and continued watching, after a few more minutes he picked up a towel from a hook, which I took as a signal it was time to get out.

Rather than going back out to the corridor he opened another door to a bedroom. I was excited but still nervous and had a semi erection. Dispensing with the small talk he suggested I sit on the bed. He came towards me and firmly pushed me back so I lay down. He pushed my legs wide apart, not touch my cock or balls, I sensed he was still enjoying checking me out. He then rolled me over on my front so I was bent over the bed with my knees on the floor. He started to firmly stroke my bum and then give it a slap, well a spank, then another spank, stopping to play with my balls from behind between my legs (something I really enjoy), while playing with my balls he asked me if I liked striping off for older man.

I intended to write this up in one sitting but I have to go out, I'll finish it soon, sorry