Written by Martin

27 Feb 2016

"I'm gonna cum!!!" he said for the second time that night.

A few hours earlier.....

We had agreed to meet in the bar at the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster at 6pm , he was working in London that week. I had a meeting the next day in London but came down from Bristol the night before. We had both met once the year before , he passed the five second test with flying colours. The five second test is those first five seconds you meet someone for the first time and you know you are going to get along with them just fine. We planned to meet again, but with both having family lives and work commitment it was difficult organise until London. We both wanted to get to know each other and spend the evening together.

At the bar we both had a quick chat about work then went upstairs to the room, which had a great view of Westminster and Big Ben. Still both in our business suits we embraced and kissed and fell onto the king sized bed. Slowly we undid each others clothes: jackets, ties, shirt and trousers but left our boxers on.. We could feel each others bulges growing and poking out over the elastic waist. They slowly came down.. We had a long sensual shower, slowly massaging each other with soap and exploring each others body. We both had similar builds, slim, same height at 5.7 and same size cocks.

It felt like forever that we sucked each others hard cocks 69ing. At the same time our fingers were exploring each others holes and occasionally disappearing inside. Each time we did this there was a little groan of pleasure and our cocks disappeared more down each others throats. Quite a few times we had to stop and slow down as we were going to burst too soon. I tried rimming him, it was my first time that I had done this and his first time at receiving....he turned over onto all fours with his arse in the air, I opened his cheeks and pressed my tongue around the edge, I could still taste some of the soap from the shower, I didn't care as I had cleaned his arse in the shower before. He was in pleasure. He turned over onto his back and i mounted him. It didn't hurt at all, my arse must have been so relaxed from the all the fingering he did. I couldn't keep my mouth shut, I was groaning as his cock rubbed and stimulated my prostate gland. Every thrust he gave me my cock leaked out precum.... it poured out.

I was gonna cum with his cock in me, I blew a load over his chest and onto his ear. The pulsing from my cock went on for about 20 seconds, I was breathless. He pulled out of me and blew his load over his body mixing our fluids. We then kissed and smudged the cum between our bodies.

After cleaning up, we had a shower and went outside for a bite to eat. We found a small restaurant. We just talked about work and family, having a bit of a laugh. Nothing about sex came up. We then went back up to the room for a second round of hot naked passion.... this time we both swallowed. It must have been about 1am when we finally fell asleep naked.

I have never woken with another man before. We both woke up with early morning glories and put them to good use with our mouths.

It had to come to an end , we both dressed ready for the office and went our separate ways, with smiles on our faces.