Written by hosta

30 Nov 2010

Hi ,

A true story to tell about a cock i have just managed to get down my throte . I am a married bi who is not shy about taking cock especialy oraly, i just adore sucking and pride myself on being able to take the largest cock all the way down and keeping it there while the guy squirms in pleasure ,and feel no shame in admiting i have sucked a lot of guys,mostly married older men.

One night around teatime i got chatting to a guy from perth ,who was just finnishing work and was telling me how much he liked getting his cock sucked,but had never had a guy suck him before ,me thinking that this was just going to be another dreamer led him on telling him he should let me suck him and that i was better than any woman and i would let him fuck it into my throte all the way down till his balls wer on my chin,and i always swallowed .

We chated for a while,getting horny and i was just about to sing off when he said ,ok where,i can be with you in thirty mins ,my heart skipped ,i wanted to but get so many stand ups i was not sure,i did not want to meet him at my home so i said did he know of this certian place not far off his ruit home ,i have had a few good meets there its secluded a mile or two from anywhere and it was dark,to my surprise he new the road and aranged to meet that night ,he pre warend me that he would have to help me get it all down because he was a big boy ,and he was only coming on condition i could get it down as no one has in the past,yeh i thought heard it all before.

I left almost straight away drove there and sat in the dark stroking my cock horny at the thought,even if he was just boasting it would still be good to feel a hard penis down my throte and taste spunk coating my tonsils .I was just about to give up hope when a car swung in behind the trees and the lights went off,i new this was him .

Flashing my lights ,i saw a shadow getting out and making his way opening the door he got in, no small talk was the arangment he took down his genes and shorts and shook his cock ,get going with that he said .

At first glance i thought yeh bragging but nearly as soon as i took him in my mouth he grew and grew and no matter how i tryed could only get him three quarter down ,i wretched and gaged i could not close my hand all the way around his monster,i was just about to work on making him cum when he spoke needing help? and got onto his knees on the chair pulling my face up and pushing my head against the head rest ,i new what he was talking about and was beginning to regret the meet, he offerd his 8" pluss to my lips and pushed past forcing it in and down in one move i gagged and wretched as he lunged at my throte there was no escape he wanted this and was going to have it.

His girth and leanth was making it difficult for me ,i wanted him to do this but did not want him to do this ,i was struggling he was holding my head grunting ,just then he pulled out pushed back in to my mouth and without word of warning started to cum ,i could feel his spunk pooling in my cheek around the side of my toung ,i new he wanted me to keep his cum in my mouth till told to swallow as aranged.

When done he slumped back down i still had his load in my mouth ,he turened to me ,now swallow slut ,i did as he asked ,he pulled my head down clean it he said i licked him clean ,it was pard off the deal, he pulled up his genes and left,days later i still cant believe i got it all the way down and acted like such a slag for another guy who only had his interest at heart,i hope he contacts me again.