Written by PJohn130

28 Aug 2012

This is a true account of Sunday evening just gone.

Bored and desperate for sex as usual, I drove to one of two laybys in the area which are regularly used by guys on the look-out. Male to male contact is not something that I normally enjoy very much, as I will always much prefer a female, but having no other sex life, I have found myself getting more bi as I have got older and more desperate. I am fully aware that my days as an oil painting ( if they ever existed ) are behind me. Sadly, it seems to be the same type of person in the laybys, probably all very much like me, middle-aged, past their best, and getting desperate. However, this evening was going to be different.

It was a very quiet evening, and after about half an hour, there had been no action whatsoever, although I had spent a bit of time chatting with the only other person there, one of the regulars.

Anyway, during this time chatting, I had noticed a guy on a motor bike ride through, once, then twice, and this was a little bit out of the ordinary. After a while, the person I was chatting to drove off, and there was just me in the layby, sat in my car as the weather was not brilliant. Then, in the rear view mirror, I saw the bike come back in and stop a short way behind me. I opened my door, and put my hand out, an invitation if he was interested. The rider got off the bike and walked towards me, and I saw he was a relatively small guy, quite young by his slim build and walk.

He came up to the open door, unzipping his leather jacket, and I saw that underneath this, he wore a lacy, see-through top. Once alongside my door, so that anyone coming into the layby could not see, he undid his jeans and let them drop a few inches, and I was delighted to see skimpy white lacy knickers, holding back a very impressive and already hard cock. Further down, a pair of stockings also drew my admiring glance.

The beauty of all this was enhanced by the fact that, through the lacy nothingness, I could see he was totally shaved, which I adore. He was absolutely gorgeous ! His cock was magnificent, much bigger than mine, hairless and like an iron bar !

I lifted my hand to his bulge, and started to massage his hardness, still through the knickers. After a few minutes of this, during which time he showed his appreciation with some encouraging noises and groans, he suggested that perhaps he should sit in the car, to which I very readily agreed. Rather than the front though, I suggested the rear seats, more room, no gear lever to get in the way, and darkened rear windows.

In he got, and I quickly got in alongside him, dropping my jeans as I did so. My pubes are very heavily trimmed, and his hand quickly found my bald scrotum and cock. We played with each other for a few moments, then I got his jeans a bit further down his legs. Now, when it comes to oral, I have to be in the mood. Some guys, the big hairy bear type, just do not appeal to me in this way, but when I saw this young lads shapely and shaved body, I could not resist. So I stuck my arse up in the air, got my head down, and licked around his silky smooth ball bag, to his obvious great pleasure. I carried on doing this for a while, occasionally sucking one of his testicles, and then moved my mouth to lick his bald pubic area, finally working my way onto the rock-hard shaft, licking and nibbling my way along the base of it. Up to this point, I still had not taken his cock into my mouth.

We carried on like this for a few minutes, him wanking me and playing with me, and me licking and nibbling around his balls and the base of his cock. Then, I could contain myself no longer, and went down properly on his lovely cock. It was gorgeous, and though I could not get all of it in my mouth, I tried, going corner to corner and into my throat, to get as much as possible into me, and I sucked and slurped on it, for the first time, thoroughly enjoying giving a blow job. I was in heaven, to the point where I considered even letting him come in my mouth, something I have never done before.

After a short while of this, he started to groan, and indicated that he was close to coming. At this point, I am sorry to say that I chickened out, stopped sucking him, but carried on wanking him, at the same time as stroking his beautiful bald balls. A couple of moments later, three wet spurts of cum spattered up his stomach, and he gave a sigh of relief.

After a couple of minutes, he fastened up his jeans and leather jacket, thanked me and walked away. I still had not cum, but did not care a bit. I had had a great time giving pleasure to this lovely lad, and for the first time really and properly enjoyed sexual contact with another male

I am only sorry now that it was all a bit rushed. I would love to meet him again, and spend hours going over every inch of his lovely body, and gladly letting him do the same to me, anything he wanted.

So you might say I am converted ( or maybe perverted ). But anyway, all things permitting I will for sure be going to the same layby, same time, same day, this coming week, in the hope that he might re-appear and that we can have some more fun.

I hope he reads this account, and if so, would like to thank him for the pleasure he gave me.