Written by Phill

7 Nov 2016

This isn't a true story it's just a fantasy of mine inspired by someone from this site, hope you like it. After I put up my ad seeking people to play with I was messaged by a guy slightly younger than me who was also bicurious and not far away so I got in touch with him and we agreed to meet on the next Friday. I'm a van driver so when I finished my delivery I went straight to where we'd decided to meet a car park in an out of town retail park. We'd arranged to meet in a corner away from the other cars. I parked up in the spot, turned off the engine and sat looking about I didn't know what he was driving so I got a bit of a surprise when a guy turned up on a motorbike. We exchanged stares I guess both hoping the other was the right person, then he walked over to the van. I unlocked the passenger side and he got in. He was still carrying his helmet and wearing his black leathers. I felt the tension in the air as we swapped names and we looked at each other. I felt it was right to just go for it so I said let's not waste any time and I could see nothing negative in his look and attitude so I planted my lips on his and we kissed for a while gradually getting bolder as we went along. I was enjoying it, his leathers were a real turn on, and I couldn't stop my hand from reaching across to his thighs all smooth and full. I gave them plenty of firm squeezes. He was right into kissing me so I kept pressing my mouth to his and our tongues wrestled. Massaging his thighs I could feel his hardness packing his trousers, now it was time to unzip him and let his naked soldier stand to attention. He kind of settled back a little bit in the van seat I felt like he was saying 'he's all yours ' I think he was expecting me to go down on him in a flash and suck him whole but I wanted to tease him, let the time slow down and savour the eroticism of the moment. .........................

(more coming soon )