Written by Bazz

19 Jun 2012

I was looking for a job in blackpool,ive not had a job since leaving school 3 yrs ago,i,m 19 now.I booked in to a b&b place,a dead cheap place.the first night i got a sex chanel on the telly in my room and wanked off watching it.THE next night i was in the lounge place and there was an older chap in there,there was only him and me staying in the place.he had a couple of bottles of wine and vodka and i ended up drinking with him.I dont remember going to bed and i dont remember putting the telly on and i was dreamin about having sex.I always sleep naked and i was dreamin that i was in bed with somebody.then i began to wake a bit and that i wasnt wanking myself but i was being wanked.at first as my mind cleared a bit i was going to kick off but i had a massive hardon and it was realy nice.id never before had sex with another man.i wouldnt have even thought of doing it but having my cock wanked by somebody elses hand was a lot better than id have thought.i could feel his cock pressed hard against my back in between the cheeks of my arse and he was moving it like he was fucking me.

i pretended to be still fast asleep and let him do it,we were both sweating like fuck and were almost stuck together.i felt him push the clothes down off the bed and he started to climb over onto me,it was early morning and it was gettin a bit bright in the room ,i was getting a bit scared so i opened my eyes and looked at him.it was the chap who id been drinking with,he looked at me and said something ive no idea what it was.he had turned me onto my back and he was climbing onto me .i knew what a 69 was but id never done it with anybody but then he put a knee at either side of my head,his balls looked huge hanging down between his legs his cock was also a big one and rock fucking hard.it should have put me right off but it wasnt,his balls were almost touching my face.I think i knew what he was going to do and then he did it he was wanking my cock but then i felt it getting wet as he put it into his mouth and kinda sucked it in,i could feel his teeth as he started to move up and down.he lowered himself down so that his balls were on my face and then his cock was touching me.i couldnt believe i was doing what i was doing but because he was sucking my cock i put my hand around his cock,it started jerking like fuck in my hand,it was the kind of thing my own cock does sometimes when i really need to wank off.I was surprised how nice his cock tasted was when i put it in my mouth,i could taste a slight soapy taste and i think hed put aftershave stuff on and then i realised he didnt have any pube hair.

I was amazed how brill it was to suck a cock,it had never even crossed my mind that i could do something like that but i was realy enjoying doing it.and then we wre both just sucking each others cocks.I usually take a bit of time to spunk but now i could tell i was coming and i was hoping he was near too.once i started to spunk i thought id go on forever it was so good it was hurting me,half way through i realised my own mouth was filling with red hot spunk,without even thinking about it i swallowed,i could tell he was swallowing my spunk.both our cocks had gone fully down by the time we stopped sucking each other.ive been here now 3 months and ive lost count of how many chaps cocks ive sucked or wanked off.that older chap is also still here and it was him that told me it was ok to take gifts from the men that come to stay overnight,as he said its tax free.