Written by Sometimes BI

4 Jul 2011

I have gone to jnc18 of the M4 a few times there is a great wooded area and carpark there popular with cruising guys and doggers, there are always lots of straight men there all looking to get off, and when i'm there I can easily get lost for 3 hours sometimes servicing as many of them as I can.

I'm 37, and although I don't think there is any doubt of my bisexual status I don't actually go with men all that often but when I do I do like to go for it and be a bit of a slut. I'm slim toned and pretty much smooth all over and always put a jock strap on before I go into the woods so guys have easy access to my arse if they want it.

The other night I was travelling back up to Kent and it was already 02.30 in the morning when I arrived and parked up it was a Saturday night so there were still a few about and I have found the later it is the fitter the guys are that roll up. I got out the car and went straight too my favorite spot in the woods where I can clearly see who is wandering around I saw a young looking guy wearing a beany hat and just as I was about to break a branch to let him know I was there I saw another form coming towards me he had a grey hoodie on and up on his head and as he came towards me I saw he was a young hard and fit looking black guy he looked quite scary but it was soon established that he was there for fun without a word spoken of course and soon I was on my knees sucking on a lovely uncut big black cock and feeling it grow even bigger in my mouth, I deep throated him and soon he was holding on to the back of my head and forcing and holding that big cock in my throat.

I normally love to get fucked and try to steer things around to this end most of the time but I didnt think this young straight black guy would want to fuck me, as he fucked my face quite hard I felt the presence of another guy and opened my eyes to see the first lad with the beany close by and another older guy walking towards us my black guy wasnt interested in the old guy and pushed his hands away when he tried to get involved but this didnt seem to bother him to much as he stood around watching and the beany guy got his cock out and started wanking.

After sometime the cock was removed from my mouth and he pulled me up saying the magic words "would you like my cock up your arse", well of course I said yes and passed him a bottle of lube and a condom while I took a hit of poppers knowing I would need them to take this monster cock I turned around and waited for him to enter me, I have been fucked a few times but this did hurt a little as the head of his cock pushed in but not for long and he didnt waste anytime fucking me hard with and his balls slapping my arse in the position I was bent over with my shoulder against a tree for support I found my face infront of the beany guys cock and was soon having it pushed past my lips I was being spitroasted in the middle of the night in the middle of a wood in the middle of a young hot black guy and a young fit white boy and loving every second of it the older guy still stood round watching got his cock out and before long I had one in my arse and two in my mouth and I was in heaven.

Every now and then I would feel the guy fucking me slide his hand under my shirt and grab a hold of my shoulder then he would slide his most of the way out of me before ramming it right back up using my shoulder to make sure he was as far inside me as possible he was in total control of the situation and gave me a slap on the arse a few times I think to show me he was in charge. He fucked me for a good 20 mins before he pulled out and ripped the condom off telling me lick his balls as he wanked, I'd worked hard for this load and was determined to get it so pulled of the two cocks infront of me and got back down on my kneeshe grabbed my hair yanking my head to an angle where I could get to his fat full black balls and before long he was pumping the whitest biggest load all over my face and then in my mouth and boy did it taste good I was covered in it and licked as much of it up as I could, after I had cleaned his cock he simply pulled up his joggers and without a word just walked away being a sub boy I loved the way he just used me for his pleasure and left.

I hadn't cum yet and niether had the other two, beany boy wanted me to fuck him which I don't normally do but was so horny and needed to cum and with time getting on and stilla 3 hour journey I wsted no time in slipping a condom onto my hard 7.5 inches and sliding inside his very tight arse, as I fucked the old guy came behind me and I felt his cock probing my arse he held my hips still and entered my well fucked hole and I became the meat in a sandwich and I fucked and was fucked it didnt take much of this for me to feel the spunk rising in my balls and just before I shot I pulled out removing the condom and shot a decent load up beany guys back and crack, my arse muscles contracting around the older guy fucking me soon caused him to shoot and I had to lean on a tree to get my breath back. all in all one of the hottest visits I have ever had there, but always willing to try and top it if your about and want a bit of a slut to use leave me a comment and I'll be in touch