Written by Harry_22

9 Sep 2014

Day three of four of the mrs being away and the time had flown. It juts occurred to me that it was going to be increasingly difficult to arrange anything. No I do not believe in such things, but if there were a god of debauchery he was looking down (or up!!) that day and smiled. I got a text from Kevin asking if I was about as he had someone he wanted me to meet. It was enough to say that three hours later I was wrapped up with my work for the day and was waiting for him to collect me.

I had spent the morning in some undies, I love sitting at my desk in stockings and suspender belt. Sometimes I dress fully, but today I was only wearing a little camisole and French knickers. I was feeling horny already and thought I would wait for Kevin to arrive before getting changed, but I was intrigued to meet this new person and did not want to peak early. As requested I dress in shorts and tee with lycra knickers underneath. Kevin picked me up on time and filled me in as we drove away. I always am turned on around Kevin, he is a big guy and some 15 years older than me, my mouth watered when ever he contacted me as he has such a lovely cock to play with. We were on our way to meet Jim an old friend of his he had not seen in 10 years but they had kept in touch. Retired, Jim lives on a canal boat now and so the chance to visit came up as he toured into our area. I asked about him, but Kevin just deflected me telling how I would be fine, there is no way I would not like him.

The canal tow path was fairly familiar to me, a few years ago a couple of pals and I were cycling when we ended up stopping and using a field for some spontaneous fun. I tingled at the memory, my cock swelling in my stretchy knickers. We rounded a bend to find a long boat moored up and I could make out a guy moving at the far end. Kevin called out and Jim stepped into view. He was tall and broad wearing cut off shorts that were too tight to be fashionable and a loose shirt that hung open revealing his hairy chest. We all swapped greetings and Jim looked me over and then looked back to Kevin, nodding and thanking him. Jim was older than Kevin by some years and he was not shy in making suggestions and advances as he gave me a quick tour of the boat. It felt a little contrived to be shown around like this but I did not mind his hands helping me in and out of the tight corridors as she showed me the bathroom and bedrooms. There was quite a lot of movement as we bobbed on the water which I was not used to, this helped Jim to plant his hands on me when ever he could. There were bunk beds built into the corridor out towards the engine area and this is where Jim made his move. Telling me that they were never used because there was no real space on them he told me check for myself. No sooner had I bent over his hand was on my arse, groping me through my shorts.

I stayed still and let him touch me up, his hand firmly grabbing my bum and squeezing. He moved me onto the lower bunk and as I rolled over I saw that I was eye level with his crotch a crotch that until this point I had not paid much attention to, but now it was bugling before me. My view was limited to his waist down. Before I could reach for it, his hands appeared and he undid his fly reached in and pulled out a nice thick cock. It hung twitching to life and I banged my head as I moved towards him. Opening my mouth I heard him gasp as I took him in, his fat helmet stretching my jaw slightly. I was instantly in agreement with him about the space, I banged my head twice more as I moved back and forth on him and my neck and back began to ache due to the odd side on angle. His swollen member was a good distraction however and I soon realised that I could hold in one position as he was happy to do the work of getting in and out of my wet mouth. I was surprised then when he moved aside and a new naked lower half took his place. The body had emerged from within the boat and at first I though it was Kevin, but he legs were to smooth to be him and I buzzed at there being an additional cock to play with. Smaller and thinner than Jim’s the owner peeled back his foreskin and moved straight to my face. I felt my face flush as his trimmed pubes pressed into my face and I felt the heat of his body, taking it all always feels like a reward to me. I sucked on him and flicked my tongue around his foreskin as he began to get into a rhythm. Jim had moved down the narrow space and I could see him in my periphery now, pulling my shorts down and off. Now I banged my hip on the upper bunk as Jim man handled me now, grabbing on my knickers and squeezing so his fingers rubbed into my crack. I moaned out as much as I could to signal my approval and soon felt he material pressing on my hole. Feet appeared behind the guy in my mouth and I recognized Kevin’s shoes. I had to move more now as the cock in my mouth was pulled and pushed in accordance with Kevin grabbing him I imagined. I heard a voice mumble something about nipples and I felt his cock twitch between my lips. I had a barrage of feelings then as I felt him tense in front of me, Jim took to smacking my arse, pulling the material up between my cheeks before pulling it straight again. He slid his hand up my tee shirt and pulled on my nipple making my cock strain in my knicks. My focus came back to my mouth as I heard grunting from above. Twitching, I felt and then tasted several thick runs of come and then a swilling of his wonderful taste around my gums and tongue. Instantly he moved aside and I saw the familiar sight of Kevin, thick six inches throbbing and ready. I knew then that he must have been really touching the other guy up as this always gets him super turned on super fast. He stayed on the wall opposite, which was still only a foot or so away. I crawled towards to Jim’s dislike as it brought me away from him. Not one ot deprive anyone of some fun I decided to get my rear end back near him. I slid my whole body out of the bunk and tried to stand up, but stumbled and ended up on all fours. I heard Kevin laugh as Jim fell on me like a vulture, in the narrow space he knelt down and I felt his cock and heavy balls rest on my behind. I giggled thinking about how the maneuver could not have been better thinking about his nice big cock in prime position. However, Kevin held station and it soon dawned on me that there was not enough room for him to lower to my mouth.

Jim put his hands on my hips and pulled me back then eased me upwards so I stood. He gestured Kevin down the corridor and I followed him back to the bedroom. As my tee shirt was removed I was pushed gently back onto all fours this time on the bed and Kevin moved straight to give me hard cock. Similar in girth to Jim, he spread my lips wide and the touch on my tongue seemed to revive the taste of come already there. Kevin wasted no time and I instantly felt his fingers pressing into my arse crack again and the slaps of his hands on my knicker-clad cheeks. Kevin had his hands on my head now and was fucking my face in shallow strokes and I was wracked with a buzz of excitement as Jim pulled my knickers down over bum. I instantly felt cold on my ring as he pressed on a lubed finger. I moaned out at him and felt myself push back as much as I could. His other hand was under me, rubbing my hard on through my knickers as he pushed one and then a second finger into me. ‘Fuck me, fuck me,’ I wanted to cry out but could not as I did not want Kevin out of my mouth even for a moment. Thankfully I did not need to offer the direction. I reckoned Jim was up to finger number four when he pulled out and I heard the unwrapping of a condom.

I had not realised how much he had fingered me, but he took me easily. I had a jolt of surprise as he first pushed into me but once he broke through and I closed on his shaft I felt nothing but sheer deep pleasure as he pulled himself back and forth. I was crying out now though albeit muffled noises escaping from around Kevin’s cock. I love having my arse filled but it always feels so much better when I busy at both ends like this and soon was in a rhythm of them alternately pushing into me as I rocked between them. I did not want it to end, but inevitably orgasms were quickly on their way. Kevin showed signs first and I was ready for his load, but in a quite flurry of movement, Jim pulled out of me and I was rolled over on the bed. Jim moved next to Kevin and inches above my head, took him in hand, wanking him over my face. I plunged my hand down, pushing my knickers down to let my cock spring up and free. Wanking my shaft Kevin moaned long and hard as Jim’s tugging brought his come out to rain down on my face. I opened my mouth letting some fall in to mix with the earlier flavor, but most of it landed on my cheeks and neck. Free of his condom, Jim moved nearer as Kevin dropped back out of the small area. He rubbed the tip around my face, the come taking away some of the flavor of rubber as he dipped it between my lips before taking his strokes faster. He pulled back from me as well and he held his breath and tensed as thick wads of come dropped from his tip to land on me as well. I got some onto my tongue once more, but then the rest shot from him and hit all over my face and chest. Lastly Jim said that now it was my turn and he sat on the bed to wank me off. I was close as it was and then Kevin joined in, I had a hand on my cock and fingers in my arse. I shook as my orgasm hit me, and opened my mouth for the last available load as Jim tugged, pointed my cock up my body. My own spunk landed down on me, warm blobs hitting my chest and lips, none making a clean landing into my mouth, but I was happy to lick it up as best I could. Jim called me a happy slut.

An hour later Kevin was driving me back. Jim told us he was moored up for a couple of days and we agreed that we would drop by again. He told me I was most welcome and he kept my knickers as a souvenir. Thinking about a second visit got us both pretty horny on the way back and when he dropped me off, I let Kevin in and blew him again just inside my front door. He talked dirty to me all the way through it which drove me wild. He told me how loved seeing me fucked by such a nice big dick and that was the last straw, I was so horny and feeling so dirty that I just dropped my trousers and told him to take me. I got a condom out my pocket, rolled it down his cock and turned for him and just knelt on the stairs. He pushed into me hard and I braced to save myself from falling flat forwards. He fucked me hard and quick, using me to get his release. He came quickly and to my pleasure, pulled his shorts up and straight and just left leaving me with a fucked and used feeling. I pulled my tee short off and put it on the stair so that I would not make a mess. Then I wanked myself off face down where he had left feeling cool air on my used arse. A lovely finish to surprise session.