Written by Jonnylad

23 May 2011


What was I doing naked with another guy in his hotel bedroom at 2.00 in the afternoon? How did I get there? Well, the second question is easy enough to answer. Have you ever heard of company training meetings where teams undertake various tasks so that you can all bond together? Perhaps you have even been on one. This is where I was. At a comfortable hotel in the middle of the country with 30 or so other managers of my company. We had all arrived Monday morning and were divided into teams of half a dozen for the rest of the week. Our team had two women and four men. We all got on well with each other and quite enjoyed the various tasks we were allotted. Not winners but well up there. The first two days were spent on various team assignments and then everyone together for lectures and pep talks. All quite good fun and especially as I found I got on particularly well with one of our team. A guy called Rod who was from the north and married with a couple of kids. We seemed to think the same way, have a similar sense of humour and generally similar tastes. Even to the extent that I said I would lend him a novel I had just read. By the way, I should tell you, my name is Jon. I have been happily married for nearly 10 years and have two lovely children.

We had a brief spell of free time on Wednesday afternoon so at about 2.00 I knocked on Rod’s door with the novel in my hand. After a short pause I heard the chain come off and the door opened for Rod to peep out.

“Oh it’s you”, he said “do come in, excuse my state of undress”.

He opened the door just wide enough for me to go in his room and quickly closed the door after me. I soon saw why. He was dressed just in a brief pair of briefs. Otherwise quite naked.

“I was just going to get a quick shower” he said “but thanks for bringing the book. If it had been anyone else I think I would have sent them away, but I feel safe enough with you. I assume you are not gay or anything like that.”

“Not as far as I am aware” I replied, laughing.

“Anyway I look forward to reading this” said Rod not seeming in any hurry to end the conversation despite his state of undress. To be honest nor was I. I felt quite being there with him and if the truth be told was rather enjoying seeing him so exposed.

“Have you ever had any gay experiences?” he asked

“No“ I replied, “at least not since I was a lad at school”

“Did you enjoy it then?” he asked “and have you never been tempted since”

“I am sure I liked it at the time” I said “but then girls came into the equation and I am not sure I have thought of it since. So no temptation, at least not to date” Why did I add that? Even worse why did I find my self looking at the bulge in Rod’s briefs as I said it?

Rod laughed “So are you being tempted now?”

“Depends on whether you are trying to tempt me” I replied.

“Could be” said Rod, and with that he took hold of my hand and held it against his hardening cock bulging in his briefs. “I am much the same as you and have not experimented with another guy since I was a lad but I must say I am enjoying the feel of your hand on my Willie now. Are you?”

“To be truthful, yes” I replied, “I have to confess I am liking it a lot.” He just grinned in response and I did not try to conceal the fact that I was now holding and feeling his cock, exploring the length of it through his pants. He just moved and pressed himself forward to give me every encouragement. I took the hint and slipped my hand down inside his briefs to feel his naked cock. It was just wonderful, so hard and felt so good.

“Let’s not keep this so one sided” said Rod as he began to unbutton my shirt. I just stood there letting him do it and revelling in the feel of his cock. I kicked of my shoes and in it seemed in no time my shirt was off and Rod was pulling down my jeans and pants in one move. I was naked before him with a prick that was showing in no uncertain terms my enthusiasm for what was happening. Rod stood back and looked me over. “Not at all bad” he said. “Much as I have been imagining you “.

“So this is all premeditated” I responded in mock horror.

“No, not at all” said Rod “but I must confess to imagining what you would look like in the nude when I laid in bed last night. I do not know why, as I said I have not done anything like this before at all. I suppose I just found myself fancying you”

“Well I feel complimented and do not mind at all” I said. “But fairs fair – let’s be on an even footing”. With this I pulled his briefs down so we were both standing stark naked in front of each other. Rod looked so sexy standing there naked in front of me. He had a lovely slim firm body with a bush of dark pubic hair. What I could not take my eyes off of was his gorgeous cock. It was uncut and about 6” or 7” long. But the feature that was causing me so much interest was how hard and erect it was. It stood out so proud and upright just asking to be held and perhaps so much more.

So that’s how it happened and I suppose why as well. After looking at each other we stepped closer and briefly kissed before we took each other cocks in our hands and began to wank each other. It was just heaven. Rod held our cocks together in his hand and wanked them both before I did the same. For two inexperienced guys we seemed to be doing very well.

After a while he knelt in front of me, kissed the tip on my penis and then took it slowly into his mouth. It was just heaven, so much better than any suck that I had experienced before. He ran his tongue over the tip and then slowly took it deep into his mouth. I just stood there pushing forward and holding the back of his head. I wanted him to go on forever but knew that I certainly couldn’t. I began to feel very near to cumming. Enjoying it as I was I was not ready to cum in his mouth and of course had no idea of Rod’s view on the subject. I did though know that although I had never sucked a cock before I badly wanted to suck his. So I pulled away and said it was now my turn. He laughed saying I was stopping him just as he was getting the hang of it but eagerly pushed his very hard penis forward for me to take into my mouth. I had no idea what it would be like and had never before even thought of sucking another man’s cock. But it was really good. I just loved the feel of it in my mouth, running my tongue over it and then swallowing it deep inside my mouth. Rod was more vocal than me and his moans left me in no doubt how he felt about it. His dick seemed to get even harder and I found myself wondering what I would do if or was it when he shot inside my throat.

It did not get to that though because Rod suddenly looked his watch and exclaimed “Wow doesn’t time fly when you are having fun. Do you realise that we are due at our next talk in 15 minutes time”. I jolted up and looked at my watch. “Crikey, we must fly” I said. I stood up and looked at him. He moved forward and gave me a long passionate kiss on the lips, our tongues rubbing together. I then quickly put my clothes back on and headed for the door as Rod did the same. “See you there” I said. “

“Sure, be casual as ever” he replied. “Give my room a ring after supper and maybe if the coast is clear you can come here again when we will not be so hurried”.

“Sure. “ I replied as I dashed off and closed the door behind me. Even then I did not know whether I would. I was really emotionally confused. Until now a totally straight happily married guy who had just had my first extramarital sexual encounter and it was with a guy. Anyway I had the rest of the day to think about it. Would I be ringing his room after dinner tonight? At that time I just did not know.

To be continued